Monday, December 6, 2010

Sushi Break Up?

I made Nigiri Omakase for a customer. They asked me to cut in half after made. It passed 20minutes after served.
I told my waitress, " It's gonna be ugly." He agreed with me and I did.
I have 2 questions.
1~ He could ask me to make half size from the beginning. I do sometimes.
2~He could ask me as soon as possible.
It was a cold night. We use AC to make warm inside of the restaurant. Warm air is not good for raw fish. And it makes fish dry. And It was not busy might, I could make small nigiri sushi for him. I thought he wanted to share with a lady. It was fine he could share but no one wants to eat ugly food.
And I do not want to cut mi nigiri sushi in half. This is another world of sushi in America.

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Rina said...

Hi Taka-san!

My name is Rina & I got to your blog from researching "Menchi Katsu Burger" online. Nice to meet you.

Your customer should have definitely informed you about the half-size nigiri's beforehand! I'm Japanese-American, born in Tokyo, but I'm not even a fan of the American rolls. I mean, it's American-friendly, but I only order nigiri's.

I think American people order rolls because of the price. Here in California, you can get 8 piece rolls for $8, but 2 piece nigiri's for the same price. I think this is why your customer asked you to cut it in half, when he could've asked for 2 orders each.

However, I am impressed that your half portion nigiri's look great! They look similar and cute as Temari sushi! However, the idea of cutting the traditional nigiri in half is appalling.

Keep up the great work! I would love to eat your restaurant sometime!