Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A new Costco in Brookhaven

I threw up today. It was bad. I do not do much.
And I was thinking what was bad.
It was not stomach virus or something.

It was fine in the morning. I made zosui, Japanese risotto for the customers and made mine for shooting and tasting.
When I was eating zosui, I felt something bad. But I ate all of it. It was not big portion.
And I was eating tonkatsu, crispy fried pork tenderloin. And I went to the bathroom.

So I could say it was from zosui. But I could say it was not from Chilean sea bass. I cut that fish yesterday. There was no problem. That meant egg was suspicious.

I bought egg at New Costco in Brookhaven. I knew the expiration date was short but I bought. We normally use it in 4 days. We still had 10 days.

I am very sensitive against egg. I hit it a long time ago in Japan.

And I almost decided to not go to new Costco for a while. They just opened in October and they did not have much business so far.
That means all products are not much fresh. I used to go to Peachtree Dunwoody store.
If I buy same egg at there, the expiration date will be in January. That means their products are moving. It is same as cucumber, salad and other daily products.

I tried to but organic milk at Brookhaven but gave up to buy it because of expiration date. Chicken was same and I picked new one fron the bottom.

I try to check the date but miss sometimes. So, my safe way is going back to Peachtree Dunwoody store.

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