Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sushi Suicide??

I did not want to take this picture. But this was very bad. So, I said "Sushi Suicide".
Why? Too much soy sauce was in it.
Soy sauce contains a lots of sodium. It causes diabetes.
And did you think this person enjoy the taste of fish?
I thought he enjoyed soy sauce. Yes, we make our low sodium soy sauce.
And this is not only him. I can say 50% of our customers are like this.
And they use tons of wasabi and eat tons of ginger. What are common for these items? Yes, all of them are free. Some American people like free, maybe.

This dish is chirashi-zushi, assorted sashimi over the sushi rice. So, the right way of eating is take each piece of sashimi and dip in soy sauce and eat. He cannot pour soy sauce over the bowl.

I know some people eat steamed rice with soy sauce. It is too salty to eat for me. So I have to say Sushi Suicide.

I can tell the future of those people. They will become diabetes and need wheel chairs. Sushi is good food but is not good food if you eat wrong way.


k said...

Taka - I love that you are worried about this person's health. I am worried about his enjoyment of your food!

I think too much soy sauce ruins your work. This is bad.

This is more bad than even the person's health. Because the person will never enjoy the food you present, Taka. That makes me sad.

TAKA said...

yes, you are right. I think 80% of Americans eat like this. Sad, but I try to fix them. That's my mission. Mission possible?

Rina said...


Funny that you mentioned this because when I was a shougakusei, my best friends would get hungry at night & ask me for rice & soy sauce. Since I am Nihonjin, I would have plenty of both. What surprised and disgusted me at the same time was when my best friends would pour soy sauce in the bowl & make the rice completely brown!

My mother found it the next day and scolded me saying that was HAJI. She said that putting so much sodium or anything on rice takes away the beautiful flavor of the Kome.

Recently, I witnessed my friends dip their sushi in Sriracha, soy sauce, and wasabi. I asked them why, and they said "To take the 'fishiness' away." I then asked them, "What's the point of eating sushi? It's a waste of delicious fish." They had nothing to say.

Sad, isn't it? However, I am happy that Japanese ingredients & cuisine are being used & presented in many renowned restaurants. I hope that people start appreciating it more..