Saturday, November 6, 2010

Idiot? Kinki

Hi, let me introduce Idiot.
Kinki is Japanese name and there are 2 English name.
There are Thornhead and Idiot.
I ate Japanese kinki last week. I tried to sell but couldn't. So I took it home and ate. That was one of the best braised fish.
And the price was also very expensive. I paid it for $48. It was just 1.1lbs.
If I sold, I put $50 for a small meat. It is expensive fish in Japan.
I found our distributor had frozen West Coast kinki and I ordered. It was not bad and had good fat. And I could sell it at low price around $10.
I sold at lunch specials next day. Our Japanese customers liked this.
I sell more for special this week.

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