Sunday, November 28, 2010

La Fourchette

We went to dine at La Fourchette. It was delicious. I thought French but was Mediterranean.
They carry French style and Italian style.
The taste was not heavy and good for our Japanese people.
It is located across the street from Bones.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is this tasty?: Muesli

I like muesli. It feels like healthy. And yes it is healthy.
I can say muesli is Europe's brown rice.
There are 2 types. One is non sugar and another one is sugar added.

You have to pick non sugar.
I normally eat it with regular cereal.
This is made is Switzerland means 100% natural.

I like this , no question.

Do you like ice cream? I like.
Haagen Dazs is now $2.99 at Kroger. So what?
I bought 6 the other day and 3 last night.
I normally eat 1 pt. a time.
I can eat it after beer, sake or wine.
Any excuse?
Yes, it is calcium. It makes strong bones.

American Tradition?

I was changing table top yesterday and found.
This is not the only one.
I removed 4 ABC gums from under the table.
ABC gum? My first American girlfriend taught me.
Already been chewed gum.
Most of our customers come with a couple.
If your partner try to dump ABC gum and try to stick under the table, that person should say something. "Can I give you a piece of paper?" "Why don't you go to the bathroom?"
Sticking a gum under the table is American bad tradition, maybe. I do not do that.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Decor at TAKA

I spent 2 days for cleaning may restaurant.
This is my vacation.
I add gold accent this time.
The picture is the behind of sushi bar. You can see the gold trim.
I like this.
I always say this is the last paint job. And I do and do it again.

Hara Hachibume?

My friend sent me this video.

He said Hara- hachibume at the end of the video.
What does it mean? Hara is stomach and hachibume is 80%.
We are fine with 80% of occupancy of stomach when we eat.
Do not eat more than 80% or full of stomach. That's the way we keep our body in shape.
But I think we Japanese are forgetting about this. Hara-hachibume is the old word.
And we eat junk food in Japan. Some people still eat kelp and fish for their main food.
But many young generations eat fast food like here in the USA.
This video reminds me the old days.
I 've eaten fish and kelp and vegetables most of the time until 18 years old.
Let's do Hara-hachibume on Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is Music and Passion

I went to Las Vegas and saw Maniow.
That was great.
He just changed some parts for Christmas. I received that part from the newsletter after I got back to Atlanta.
$175 ticket was worth to pay. If you are not happy, frustrated, bored or something like that. Fly to Vegas and see this show. You will be happy.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Holidays, I got a new chef pants.

This is cute, isn't it!
I got this from
I never bought it at original price. That was $35.
I bought this at $9.95 for clearance price.
I like this kind of design and they always sell at clearance price.

Kaki, Persimmon

This is kaki, persimmon. It is available all year around here in the USA. But real season is autumn.
We have a good proverb in Japan. " When Kaki gets red (means mature), a doctor gets blue."
Kaki has so many good nutrition. You can think just like apple. An apple a day keeps a doctor away.
Kaki has 2 times vitamin C than orange, same as strawberry or lemon.
Kaki has beta carotene same as carrot. See the color of kaki, we can tell.
Kaki has fiber. Women should eat kaki.
If you eat kaki during drinking alcohol, you don't get much drunk. Kaki push alcohol away.
I think you can buy kaki at American grocery stores but the price is high.
If you go to Asian grocery store, the price is cheap and see another kaki.
The picture one is Fuyu-kaki, the shape is round. Another one is called Hachiya, the shape is triangle. This one might have bitterness. We must boil and take bitterness. Or peel it and dry at out door and make dried persimmon. I like both.

Japanese Antipasto

This is our new dish, Japanese antipasto.

From the right, Wasabi Octopus, Baby Octopus, Golden Scallop, Herring fish roe seaweed and Sea Cucumber.

It is good with Sake, wine and beer and good starter.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yaki Onigiri, Grilled Rice ball

This is from Trader's Joe. My fried gave me last night.
We see some funny foods at there. I think they sell soy bean ice cream.
Anyway, what is Yaki Onigiri? We normally eat onigiri, just rice ball and put something inside, like grilled salmon, picked plum paste. But this is nothing inside.
We brush soy sauce during grill and make flavor.
Do I like this? It is not bad. The size is small and easy to defrost. It is only 45sec. per onigiri.
By the way there is another word for onigiri. We sometimes call omusubi. It is exact same food as onigiri, Nigiri means same as sushi nigiri, musubi means make tight.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aka Mutsu, Blackthroat

This is new fish. This is not red snapper.
Aka Mutsu is called white tuna.
Yes, this fish must be white tuna.
Many people say white tuna is diffrent fish.
It is easy to say because this meat has fat same as Kinme-dai.
But Kinme-dai color is pink, and Aka mutsu color is white. We call it white toro at least in Japan.
I just order for this week only. If our customers like it, I will carry for a while.
One of customers, David-san ate this for lunch.
He loved it. Actually he got all fresh sashimi today. Tuesday is one of the best day for Japanese fish.
This fish is available next a couple of days.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sushi Suicide??

I did not want to take this picture. But this was very bad. So, I said "Sushi Suicide".
Why? Too much soy sauce was in it.
Soy sauce contains a lots of sodium. It causes diabetes.
And did you think this person enjoy the taste of fish?
I thought he enjoyed soy sauce. Yes, we make our low sodium soy sauce.
And this is not only him. I can say 50% of our customers are like this.
And they use tons of wasabi and eat tons of ginger. What are common for these items? Yes, all of them are free. Some American people like free, maybe.

This dish is chirashi-zushi, assorted sashimi over the sushi rice. So, the right way of eating is take each piece of sashimi and dip in soy sauce and eat. He cannot pour soy sauce over the bowl.

I know some people eat steamed rice with soy sauce. It is too salty to eat for me. So I have to say Sushi Suicide.

I can tell the future of those people. They will become diabetes and need wheel chairs. Sushi is good food but is not good food if you eat wrong way.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Katsu Don

This is Japanese favorite dish.
Katsu means crispy fried meat or fish.
Don is something over the rice, I thought I explained this before.
So, crispy fried pork tenderloin goes into a flat pan. There is dashi soy sauce, onion, carrot. Then cook a couple of minutes with egg.
This is yummy dish.

Sawara, Japanese Spanish Mackerel

I just received this fish today. I did not ordered this. Our supplier had it and I got.
Japanese Spanish mackerel is not good name. Americans don't like mackerel but some are really like.
Aji is Japanese mackerel and we call Japanese jackfish.
Sawara is same group as mackerel and snapper. Winter is better than spring. I ate a piece of nigiri sushi today and was delicious. It had good fat in meat. Please try it.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

This is a hot item in Japan now.

This is a little bit spicy hot sesame oil with garlic. The left one is the original product, right one is second product.

I called my sister who sent this. She said the original one is out of the shell right now.
They used with gyoza dumpling sauce, fried rice, steamed rice and more.
I will try tonight.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Idiot? Kinki

Hi, let me introduce Idiot.
Kinki is Japanese name and there are 2 English name.
There are Thornhead and Idiot.
I ate Japanese kinki last week. I tried to sell but couldn't. So I took it home and ate. That was one of the best braised fish.
And the price was also very expensive. I paid it for $48. It was just 1.1lbs.
If I sold, I put $50 for a small meat. It is expensive fish in Japan.
I found our distributor had frozen West Coast kinki and I ordered. It was not bad and had good fat. And I could sell it at low price around $10.
I sold at lunch specials next day. Our Japanese customers liked this.
I sell more for special this week.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Good tuna just arrived.

It's been a long time. But I received this tuna today.
I think it is available until Monday.
Come and get it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

From our Lunch menu

We served this dish yesterday. It is called katsu Curry.
You know all Japanese like curry.
Curry? Indian food? Thai Food? Yes, but we arrange and create Japanese curry.
And Katsu curry is a kind of special version.
Curry and crispy fried pork are great combination.
This is not healthy item but it is OK to eat sometimes.
I like it and eat sometimes.
American people don't know what Japanese eat other than sushi.
We don't eat sushi and sashimi daily, weekly.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

99.9 mpg

This is great, isn't it!
I made 99.9mpg with my Camry Hybrid.
This is not a trick.
I filled gasoline at QT near by my house and went home. It was a little bit down hill. I just drove around 30-35mph.
It was 99.9mpg when I got home.
This was 2nd time. I can run around 34mph normally.