Friday, October 8, 2010

What shoud pregnant woman eat? and...

I made this food for my business partner. She is pregnant and leaving our company soon.
I appreciate so much and try to make good food for her.
I googled and found what pregnant woman should eat and should not eat.
Should eating is dark color vegetables, soy bean products, mushroom, lean meat, not refined grains.
Should not eating is instant foods like cans, microwave foods, fried foods, deli foods, snacks.
So I made this picture's food. It is soy bean, taro, carrot, lotus roots ad kelp. I made it very light, less sodium.
And I thought what was pregnant woman's food? It was same as our healthy food. We have to eat more vegetables, avoid fatty meat, snacks, fried food.
I had a regular customers at lunch today. I did not see the husband. He was not doing well. The wife asked me for something, I gave them healthy body soup and Honey ginger tea.
I knew he was diabetes. I have known him almost 15 years. He gained weight.
That is a really problem.
I really want to save him. And I want to save many Americans who are struggling with pains.
And I feel it is not only him, so many people are struggling with over weight. I can do something for them.

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