Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shirako, Testicle

This is not my brain.
Shirako is fish testicle. We normally eat blow fish, cod and salmon.
This is winter dish. I know Georgia is still warm but winter is coming soon.
I try many ways of cooking before.
I deep fried, pan-fried, toasted. But I like this way, cooked. I use special white miso and add ginger.
The texture? Milky and silky. Just like very smooth tofu.
I ate blow fish shirako before. That was heaven. My last supper? Blow fish course menu.
Please do not hesitate to eat this. It gives you energy and fighting spirit. We need to eat seasonal items more.
I try to carry daily as much as possible. I sold 2 and half tonight. I sold 2 for Japanese ladies and half for an American couple. They liked it.


David said...

Absolutely delicious. A very unusual texture...almost souffle like. Very creative and imaginative

TAKA said...

This is not much creative.
nature made, just like vitamins.Taka