Sunday, October 17, 2010

It is just rice, but is rice.

This is steamed rice but this rice is not ordinary rice.
My friend's mother sent me from Japan.
This is new crop.
We like new crop rice because of freshness, sticky with containing of enough water.
Rice is shine.
I want to make sushi rice with this kind of rice but cannot.
We use California made rice. Of course, I use the highest ranked rice. But it is not same as Japanese rice.
60% of sushi nigiri flavor comes from rice. Fish part is only 40%.
And we do not use new crop rice for sushi because of containing water. Sticky rice is not good for sushi rice.
I can eat steamed rice by itself. And most of Japanese can do. Americans think rice is same as bread. So they use preserve, butter and more for bread. Many people here use soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and spicy sauce for steamed rice. It is uneatable for me.
I feel steamed rice is plain but has enough flavor. Is this difference of food culture?

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