Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gyu Nabe Don

This is our new item for lunch.
Japanese customers really likes this.
The original dish comes from GyuDon but I arrange.
Gyu Nabe Don is available in Japan. Yoshinoya is the biggest Gyu Don Restaurant chains in Japan. The just started in August.
I added yam noodle, green onion and tofu. And it feels like more healthy.
By the way, we have many don. Don comes from donbuli, deep bowl.
Una- Don is grilled eel with steamed rice.
Ten-Don is tempura with steamed rice.
Teriyaki Chicken Don is teriyaki chicken with steamed rice.
Gyu Don is cooked beef with steamed rice.
Katsu Don is Fried and cooked pork with steamed rice.
But Udon is not from those items.
We also carry Tuna tartar Don. It is tuna tartar with sushi rice. I sometimes eat this.

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