Sunday, October 31, 2010

This tee is great!

Do you play golf?
I just got this unique tee from Japan. My sister gave me.
This is stand style and no resistant.
Good impact and can hit far, that they say.

I think someone needs to make same one in the US.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We are ready for SUSHI DAY.

I received special fishes for sushi day on Monday.
These are Isaki, Kodai, Seki AJi, Kinki, Same kawa Karei and Aka Yagara.
All fishes came from Japan.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you know Italian wine?

I drunk this today with Marco, the owner of Antica Posta.
I know California, I know some France. But I have no knowledge about Italian wine.

This is Borolo. Borolo is located south of Torino. It is famous for Gavi, white wine and Borolo, red wine.
I had no idea but I googled. Internet is great. Borolo is made from nebbiolo, grape variety.
I have to study more.

Happy Pre-Halloween!

She came today with kimono, traditional Japanese wear.
The mother told me that her friend in Tokyo sent it.
It was lovely.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shirako, Testicle

This is not my brain.
Shirako is fish testicle. We normally eat blow fish, cod and salmon.
This is winter dish. I know Georgia is still warm but winter is coming soon.
I try many ways of cooking before.
I deep fried, pan-fried, toasted. But I like this way, cooked. I use special white miso and add ginger.
The texture? Milky and silky. Just like very smooth tofu.
I ate blow fish shirako before. That was heaven. My last supper? Blow fish course menu.
Please do not hesitate to eat this. It gives you energy and fighting spirit. We need to eat seasonal items more.
I try to carry daily as much as possible. I sold 2 and half tonight. I sold 2 for Japanese ladies and half for an American couple. They liked it.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Is this place good?: Baraonda, Italian

I love Italian food and I make sometimes.
One of my Italian customers told me to go Baraonda and I went there on Sunday.
I hate to find a parking space in midtown. We parked at Public Parking right next from the restaurant. I paid $7.00 I thought it was because next to Fox Theatre. We ordered red wines and fried calamari, pizza, and pasta.
We liked this Parma prosciutto pizza.
We will be back this place, means good place to eat. Cost? yes, only $64.00, not bad.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sauteed Tofu, chicken and vegetables

I made this today and ate for my lunch and dinner. 2 times a day?
I never fed up with tofu dishes.

What is in it?
There are tofu, chicken thigh, gobo root, zucchini, celery, onion, green onion, garlic, ginger, carrot.
And the sauce is tobanjan,Chinese spicy miso paste, Japanese miso and soy sauce, mirin and kelp broth.

This is my original dish but not 100% original. 50% come from Chinese and another 50% come from Japanese. You can order mabo-tofu when you go to Chinese restaurant. But you don't see many vegetables. They normally use green onion, tofu and ground beef.

I add super extra vegetables and make it healthy. The reason is very simple. We have to eat more vegetables. But it is boring to eat plain vegetables and salad only. Also cold vegetables make body cold. If vegetables are cooked nicely, we can eat more.

I have a pregnant worker and I make vegetables dish for her. And I make some extra for me.
I normally don't eat vegetables. I take vitamins and cover it.

Something good for pregnant women are good for healthy human beings and someone who is fighting against sick, right?

This English is right.

I sometimes make a mistake. I needed to correct to right one.
I wrote " from the bill." But the right English must be "on the bill".
I saw Blissful Glutton and Jennifer wrote about my paper. She wrote on your bill. She is not American but her English skill is much much better than my skill.
Thanks, Jenn.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aka Yagara, Cornet Fish

This is really unsual fish. The name is Aka Yagara.
One of my Japanese friends knows fish very well. But she did not know this.
It is from Japan. The total size is almost 60inches and head part us 24 inches.
This meat is very tender and sweet, not fishy.
I just got by accident this time. But I will order for Sushi Day.
It is available on this Saturday.

Dark color vegetables are good.

I try to make these vegetable dishes every day.
The green one is a kind of bok choy, Chinese vegetable.
I order Chinese broccoli when I go to Chinee restaurant.
And the right one is kabocha, Japanese squash.
We can tell rich beta -carotene in it from it's color.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sushi Day is coming soon.

This is annual event at my restaurant.
November 1st is SUSHI DAY in Japan. November is the best season for any kind of fish and they decide this day.
I am Japanese and join this event.
I have been doing this almost 6-7 years.
Let's join us to celebrate SUSHI DAY.
You an get 20% off from the bill on this day.
Please make a reservation at

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Loccitane is natural cosmetics from France.
I use some of them.
The reason is very simple. They use organic materials and good for skin.
It is important using these items for me.
And it is same as food. We need to be careful something go into our body or surface.

Gyu Nabe Don

This is our new item for lunch.
Japanese customers really likes this.
The original dish comes from GyuDon but I arrange.
Gyu Nabe Don is available in Japan. Yoshinoya is the biggest Gyu Don Restaurant chains in Japan. The just started in August.
I added yam noodle, green onion and tofu. And it feels like more healthy.
By the way, we have many don. Don comes from donbuli, deep bowl.
Una- Don is grilled eel with steamed rice.
Ten-Don is tempura with steamed rice.
Teriyaki Chicken Don is teriyaki chicken with steamed rice.
Gyu Don is cooked beef with steamed rice.
Katsu Don is Fried and cooked pork with steamed rice.
But Udon is not from those items.
We also carry Tuna tartar Don. It is tuna tartar with sushi rice. I sometimes eat this.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Home Depot Roll for Someone

This is Home Depot Roll.
We had Mr.Frank Blake, Chairman CEO of Home Depot.
Yes, I finally made this roll for him.
Of course, he was happy.

New tuna,not bad

I can not ask the best.
We received this tuna on Monday.
This tuna is fine and has chu-toro and ohtoro.
Finally I can make toro abuli.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It is just rice, but is rice.

This is steamed rice but this rice is not ordinary rice.
My friend's mother sent me from Japan.
This is new crop.
We like new crop rice because of freshness, sticky with containing of enough water.
Rice is shine.
I want to make sushi rice with this kind of rice but cannot.
We use California made rice. Of course, I use the highest ranked rice. But it is not same as Japanese rice.
60% of sushi nigiri flavor comes from rice. Fish part is only 40%.
And we do not use new crop rice for sushi because of containing water. Sticky rice is not good for sushi rice.
I can eat steamed rice by itself. And most of Japanese can do. Americans think rice is same as bread. So they use preserve, butter and more for bread. Many people here use soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and spicy sauce for steamed rice. It is uneatable for me.
I feel steamed rice is plain but has enough flavor. Is this difference of food culture?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New cooking class in winter

I am thinking of new cooking class in November. We had it in August and was very successful.
We had around 30 people at that time. I taught making noodle soup, gyoza dumpling and okonomiyaki.

I want to do winter dish this time. Nabe, Japanese hot pot is my theme. We like to eat nabe in winter. Several people get together and eat on table when is is hot.
Nabe contains everything,meat fish and vegetables. And I this this is healthy food.
How about November 13th Saturday lunch? Learning and eating combo must be great.

Cumberland Dental Clinic Just Open!

              I went to see Cumberland Dental Clinic for treatment.
This is a new office. Dr. Shimizu is my friend
I normally go to dentist every 6 month. Most of time are cleaning .
I really feel people see their teeth, they know their life style and financial status.
The teeth tell us most of things.
Why don't you go to see Japanese dental office?
It feels you are in Japan.

The location is #670 100 Galleria pkwy. Atlanta GA 30339
Phone is 770-272-1818

Dom perignon, Oenotheque

I bought these from NYC.
Black level is called Oenotheque, vintage champagne.
I drunk this '93 last year. It was a gift from my regular customer.
It was complete different from low priced Dom.
You have to try it if you never tasted.
I am not a rich guy but this is a good self investment.
I will help my future life.
I am keeping '95 and will drink some day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New big eye tuna arrived

I do not know how many day I wait.
This is not super excellent but great toro is in it. This tuna is available until Saturday.

Umazura Hagi, Filefish

The season of this is just started. This fish has a big liver in the stomach and eat with meat.
The right picture is the shape just it is. The middle one is naked, after take skin.
Ant the left one is meat. The red part is premium.
We sold this fish this week. And next one is coming on Tuesday.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What shoud pregnant woman eat? and...

I made this food for my business partner. She is pregnant and leaving our company soon.
I appreciate so much and try to make good food for her.
I googled and found what pregnant woman should eat and should not eat.
Should eating is dark color vegetables, soy bean products, mushroom, lean meat, not refined grains.
Should not eating is instant foods like cans, microwave foods, fried foods, deli foods, snacks.
So I made this picture's food. It is soy bean, taro, carrot, lotus roots ad kelp. I made it very light, less sodium.
And I thought what was pregnant woman's food? It was same as our healthy food. We have to eat more vegetables, avoid fatty meat, snacks, fried food.
I had a regular customers at lunch today. I did not see the husband. He was not doing well. The wife asked me for something, I gave them healthy body soup and Honey ginger tea.
I knew he was diabetes. I have known him almost 15 years. He gained weight.
That is a really problem.
I really want to save him. And I want to save many Americans who are struggling with pains.
And I feel it is not only him, so many people are struggling with over weight. I can do something for them.

New Sake, Rock Sake

Rock sake is Japanese sake for Americans by way of Americans.
I met Mr.Seth Podell, founder of this sake company.
They use California rice and make in Oregon.
You might know the name of Momokawa, famous sake brewer in OR.
So far they carry Jyunmai Ginjyo and Nigori only. But they are going to sell Jyunmai Daiginjyo soon.

Please try this high quality made in USA sake.

Komodo Dragon from Indonesia

I got a new display at sushi bar.
This is Komodo Dragon. The real one is the largest dragon in the world.
This is wood craft thing.
Where is Komodo Island? It is east of Java Island.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Healthy Body Soup, it's back!

Thank you for waiting. It is back.
This is my original OX Tail soup and I call Healthy Body Soup.

Why this soup is healthy body?
OX tail contains collagen. Collagen is good for skin. I can say collagen is natural Botox.
And more than 7 vegetables are in it.
These are garlic, ginger, onion, carrot, daikon radish, cabbage, tomato. I sometimes add green onion, zucchini, broccoli trunk.
Try this soup or many people know this.

Tokyo Black, New Beer

We just got this beer from Japan. Tokyo Black is black beer.
I normally do not like black beer. It is bitter and not smooth.
But this is totally different. It is very easy drinkable black beer.
You can do straight, or half and half means mix with regular beer.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Is this good?: Nature Made Immuni-C

This is how I keep my body healthy, maybe.
What they say the back of the box, Super strength Vitamin C at 1000mg, 7 different B Vitamins, 8 different minerals including Zinc, along with beneficial Bioflavanoids.
I think this is very easy drinking vitamins. It is powder and mixed with water.
I think we need this especially winter to avoid flu.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is this tasty?: Smuckers Special Recipe

I bought this. It is one rank higher than regular Smuckers.
I knew Smuckers when I was in Japan. I bought it at the import grocery store in Tokyo.
Anyway, this special recipe has more strawberry.
I use is with plain yogurt and bread.
Made is USA? Some are good, some are bad.