Monday, September 6, 2010

From Our Lunch Menu

This is our Lunch special, Kajima A.
The name of Kajima comes from Kajima Construction, the leading general construction company in Japan.
Their office is located on Piedmont Ave. They have 18 Japanese workers and come to Taka often.
So, I make something good bento style lunch for them.
This picture is for autumn.
The steamed rice is not white. It is cooked with dashi soy sauce and hijiki seaweed, vegetables. It is called takikomi gohan.
I see some Americans sprinkle soy sauce over the steamed rice. The amount of soy sauce is not small. I feel I cannot eat such a kind of soy sauced rice because it is too salty.
But if those people eat this takikomi gohan, they can reduce sodium.
I make this type of dishes at least 2 times a week. Make Americans more healthy.

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