Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lunch business is coming.

We start Lunch from August 2nd.
What is the big surprise for this?
It is fukusai, side dishes.
We offer traditional Japanse side dishes.
Kinpira is sauteed gobo and carrot.
Shira-ae is spinach with tofu paste.
Okara is tofu dust. Sorry for bad image but tastes good.
Hijiki is special seaweed.
Kiriboshi Daikon is cooked dried daikon radish.
We used to eat these items with steam rice and main dish.
But I didn't know when our food style changed. I believed the day McDonald came to Tokyo. It was around 1980. Fast food is very popular in Japan now. Easy frozen food conquer Japanese food industry.
Then, people get sick, diabetes, heart disease, cancer.
People eat more bread than rice.
So, I decided to provide old style Japanese food to American people and make you guys healthy.
Lunch opens from Monday to Friday, 11:30am-2:00pm.
We do dry run, practice round this Thursday and Friday. All entrees are $3.00. Please join us and try old style healthy food.

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