Saturday, June 26, 2010

We are still open!!

You might know that after Repast, Joel announced to close the door.
Bad economy? Yes, it is. We are losing so many high end customers in Buckhead. But so what?
We also get new customers from all over the US. It is break-even.
Actually our sales was dropping from last May. 10% of sales was reducing every month.
But I tried to make money and did. I changed the suppliers or add new suppliers. And I can keep same profit under 10-15% of sales down.
This month's sales is great. It is approaching same sales as last year.
And we will open lunch business from August. We are doing well.
Yes, we are doing well because we take care of our customers well.
And our regular costumers are great and very royal.
We work hard and hard. We recently painted the wall again. We changed the color of bathroom.
Our bathroom is not expensive but it is clean and beautiful. I think our costumers understand this. Everybody wants to eat at nice restaurants, clean and beautiful restaurants.
So, we close because of bad economy is a wrong answer. We need to find a solution.
And if owner is working hard and well know the management, they never closed the door.
I think I can say this from any kinds of business.
See the real fact and think and just do it.

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Lizziebeth said...

We are glad you are still here and able to adjust and stay open! Thank you for taking care to watch the details (clean restrooms, clean food). Expensive renovations are not necessary to sustain a restaurant; small inexpensive changes and pure ingredients keep regulars coming and bringing new patrons. Thank you and your friendly staff.