Monday, June 21, 2010

Grasshoppers on the ooba leaf

I use ooba leaf, Japanese mint leaf for sashimi or appetizers.
I make own ooba in summer.
I saw a grasshopper on the leaf the other day.
I do not use nay fertilizer. I use shell from shell fish and fish offal instead of it.
So, this is my organic farming.
We have no idea how they make when we get fish or vegetables.
Some people use dangerous things. But I can say I do not use any of them.
All the food come to our mouth should be safe.


Alex said...

Kudos to you for keeping it natural. Having control of what you eat is essential for a healthy life. Check out and visit our store on Briarcliff for any and all organic gardening needs.

Jacinta said...

Nice blog! We're coming tonight to eat with some friends. We are from Cincinnati, our friends recommended your restaurant as the place to go while in Atlanta. Can't wait!

TAKA said...

Thanks. To make good foods, need to get good meterials.