Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gobo, Edible Burdock

This vegetable is gobo.
Have you had before? This is typical Japanese vegetable but not from Japan.
It came from China about 1000 years ago. We started to eat around 1600, Shogun age.
This part is root and length is almost 24 inches.
Some treatment need when you cook gobo.
Gobo has skim and need to take.
Peel the skin and cut in bite size (picture:left) and soak in water for a while. You will see the color of water change.

I made Beef rolled with gobo. Buy shabu shabu beef at Farmers Market. Cook gobo around 10 minutes and cut in small, like chopstick size. Then, place sliced beef and gobo and rolled them.
Go to pan and saute until color change. Add steak sauce and ready to eat.
This is a kind fo healthy way of eating beef. Sliced beef can save your money.
Eating with gobo is healthy. Gobo is a king of fiber.
Sounds good?

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