Saturday, June 26, 2010

We are still open!!

You might know that after Repast, Joel announced to close the door.
Bad economy? Yes, it is. We are losing so many high end customers in Buckhead. But so what?
We also get new customers from all over the US. It is break-even.
Actually our sales was dropping from last May. 10% of sales was reducing every month.
But I tried to make money and did. I changed the suppliers or add new suppliers. And I can keep same profit under 10-15% of sales down.
This month's sales is great. It is approaching same sales as last year.
And we will open lunch business from August. We are doing well.
Yes, we are doing well because we take care of our customers well.
And our regular costumers are great and very royal.
We work hard and hard. We recently painted the wall again. We changed the color of bathroom.
Our bathroom is not expensive but it is clean and beautiful. I think our costumers understand this. Everybody wants to eat at nice restaurants, clean and beautiful restaurants.
So, we close because of bad economy is a wrong answer. We need to find a solution.
And if owner is working hard and well know the management, they never closed the door.
I think I can say this from any kinds of business.
See the real fact and think and just do it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kochi, Bartail Flathead

Kochi, English name is bartail flat head. I used to catch Small sized kochi when I was young.
This is great white meat with texture.
It is available this weekend.

Sama kawa karei, Shark skin sole

I got this last winter.
It is sole but deep ocean sole and has fat.
This fat is very tasty.
If you see the meat after cut, can tell the shiny means fat.

It is available all this weekend.

Hamo, Pike Eel

We had this fish one time last year. Hamo is the typical summer fish in Japan.
There are so many bones and need to cut them. The right picture was that. It shows before cut ( bottome)and after cut(top).
I boiled and soak in the cold water. Eat with pickled plum soy sauce.
This is a special occasion for Japanese party on Saturday. But I will get every Thursday from next week.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

One of the best toro of this season.

This tuna really great. I got this yesterday.
The thickness of to is not usual.
I tasted and was wonderful.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Grasshoppers on the ooba leaf

I use ooba leaf, Japanese mint leaf for sashimi or appetizers.
I make own ooba in summer.
I saw a grasshopper on the leaf the other day.
I do not use nay fertilizer. I use shell from shell fish and fish offal instead of it.
So, this is my organic farming.
We have no idea how they make when we get fish or vegetables.
Some people use dangerous things. But I can say I do not use any of them.
All the food come to our mouth should be safe.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is the one, toro.

I got this toro yesterday. It is one of the best toro in June.
Tuna supply is getting better.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ritz, Japanese Style

I never seen this at American supermarket.
Nabisco Ritz is famous cracker in USA and Japan.
But we only see cracker by itself here.
And we have custard sandwich, lemon cream , cheese and more flavors in Japan.
You can get this at Buford Hwy. farmers market.

I do not eat this everyday.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Salonpas, made in Japan.

I like this but feel I am getting old.
Old people used this when I was very young.
I heard this from Indonesian friend.
She is younger than I and she uses.
She uses Salonpas when she goes to bed.
She told me that she could slept very well.
And I tried it. It really worked.
I normally use 4 sheets, 2 for low back and other 2 for neck.
I apply before go to bed. And the morning comes when I wale up.
This is a great idea. But I take shower always after use Salonpas. The smell is very strong. I can not use this during work. You can get at Costco and other stores.

Hamachi Tiradito

Do you know tiradito? Tiradito is similar to ceviche.
Both come from Peru.
I thought Japanese immigrants in Peru made it.
We sent so many Japanese people to South American around 100-150 years ago. Brazil is the biggest Japanese community in the world.
Anyway, I made this dish.
The point is aji amarillo, spicy and hot yellow pepper. I bought paste one. And yellow is appetite color. Look at this picture, tastes good?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nira, Chives

We sell Japanese gyoza dumpling very well.
It is home made and sell fresh one sometimes.
What is in gyoza?
We make it with ground pork, ground beef, nira, cabbage, nappa cabbage, celery, green onion, garlic and ginger.
Nira is called Korean chives or Chinese chives,
I see 2 chives at Buford Hwy. Farmers market.
Korean chives is smaller than Chinese.
We cannot tell gyoza without nira.
Nira is good in summer. It works for your tired body. It reduces fatigue.
Chinese say, medical and eating are same origin.
If you eat good food well, you don't need doctor.
I make gyoza this weekend and add 300% nira.

Fresh soba, buckwheat noodle

I believe American people like soba just like we Japanese like that.
We have hot soba and cold soba.
But these soba is fresh. Actually these are frozen because they came from Japan.
We normally carry dried soba. I found our supplier had fresh made soba and decided to try.
I tasted both, regular soba and green tea soba. Both were not bad but green tea soba was excellent.
These are Japanese menu only but you can order.

Gobo, Edible Burdock

This vegetable is gobo.
Have you had before? This is typical Japanese vegetable but not from Japan.
It came from China about 1000 years ago. We started to eat around 1600, Shogun age.
This part is root and length is almost 24 inches.
Some treatment need when you cook gobo.
Gobo has skim and need to take.
Peel the skin and cut in bite size (picture:left) and soak in water for a while. You will see the color of water change.

I made Beef rolled with gobo. Buy shabu shabu beef at Farmers Market. Cook gobo around 10 minutes and cut in small, like chopstick size. Then, place sliced beef and gobo and rolled them.
Go to pan and saute until color change. Add steak sauce and ready to eat.
This is a kind fo healthy way of eating beef. Sliced beef can save your money.
Eating with gobo is healthy. Gobo is a king of fiber.
Sounds good?

VIA from Starbucks

I finally bought this. I read some article about Starbucks and wanted to try. I am not a coffee drinker but like to try something new.
I drink cafe Au let ( French style milk coffee) in all seasons except summer.
So, I made same way just like I make coffee every time.
It was not bad an better than other powder coffee.
And the package is good and stylish.
Good marketing bring good success all the time.

Aloe vera dessert

It's season because it is hot summer.
This aloe vera dessert is available all seasons. But I sell this in summer.
It is from Thailand.
We normally give to the customers and do not tell them what is it.
I think 50% of them can hit.
Most of desserts are sweet. But this kind of simple, light one is good after sushi and under hot temperature.
Please ask for it, I can give you.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Corned tongue

I am making corned tongue. It takes 1-2 weeks.
I made this last summer .
I do not know all Americans eat beef tongue.
But we like it. If we go to Korean BBQ restaurants, we always order it.

This tuna is not great.

I am very sorry about this tuna.
It came last Thursday. I was expecting good quality when I saw the invoice.
And I opened the box and cut it. There was no toro and watery.

Summer time tuna is not great and some effects comes from oil leaking in Gulf.

New tuna is coming on Monday and we see it.

American Cherry?

Yes, we say this, American Cherry. Because it is from USA.
I know the real name is bingo cherry or dark cherry.
And we also have lanier cherry.
I bought this from Costco last week.
It was not bad.
First deliveries are good lucks in Japan.
Each fruit has season and harvest time. Fish also have it.
And we like first one when it comes to market.
We have Japanese name of cherry, called sakuranbo. Sakura means cherry tree and means cherry fruit.