Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Ice Cream is delicious.

This is from Publix.
It is Dulce de Leche. I think this ice cream is very delicious.
But it is not healthy.
So, why don't you eat it with corn flakes?
Soft ice cream and crunchy corn flakes are great matching.
If you never had this, please try it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ukon works for over drinking.

This is Japanese products from House Foods.
Ukon is the Japanese name for the spice know as turmeric.
A native of India and other parts of tropical Asia.
Each year, some 120M bottles are sold in Japan.
This product enjoys remarkable popularity among Japanese business people who are often presented with opportunities to drink alcohol.

Katsuo, Bonito

It is season.
Bonito from Japan.
We normally eat it as seared.
This one is special. It is straw burned and seared.
Some places sell all year around. But I do not want to do that.
Katsuo is summer fish even we carry all year around because of frozen.
It is same as monk fish pate, ankimo. I do no sell in summer.
I do it from autumn to winter.
Am I right?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

This is delicious. Halley from Ulker

Ulker is Turkish food company. We have same kind of cookie, called Angel Pie in Japan. And I tried to eat this Halley.
It was good. You can try it.


This is Kinme-dai.
Golden eye snapper?
The real name is Alfoncino. We have so many dai, snapper group and use the name of dai.
We have madai, kodai, kinme-dai, kuro-dai, ishi-dai and more.
It is available this weekend.
And we eat cooked kinme-dai mainly in Japan. But MF introduced this fish as sashimi and sushi. After that, people ordered as sushi and sashimi only. I will cook for you any time if you would like to.
American people think all fish can eat as sushi and sashimi. This thinking is wrong.
Each fish has characters and has each way of eating.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big eye tuna just arrived.

Long time no see.
I didn't remember when was the last time I got big eye tuna with good toro.
Anyway, I got this yesterday.
Toro is chutoro, medium fat. I ate for tasting. I can say A- ranking.
It is available until Saturday, maybe.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Sake, Hakkaisan 8 peaks

This is a great sake. Hakkaisan is a kind of big name in Japan.
It is from Niigata, famouse for clean water and rice.
Hakkaisan;s real meaning is 8 seas and mountains.

Zaru Soba

I eat this for my lunch 2 or 3 times a week.
It is zaru-soba. I normally eat zaru-soba in summer.
Yes, this cold noodle.
We do not have much appetite in summer because of hot temperature. So we have cold noddle in season.
We also eat zaru-udon and hiyashi-chu-ka soba.
We pick noodle with chopsticks and dip in the sauce, then eat.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

44 years old Birthday Dinner

Mr. Charles is 44 years old. I really could not believe it.
And it is hard to hit African Americans age.
They look young but they are old most of the times.
On the other hand, white Americans age is opposite.
I normally miss it because most of them are look old.
We do not have much African Americans regular customers but they are very important people.
Happy birthday Charles. Taka


This is tonkatsu, crispy fried pork tenderloin.
I believe 100% of Japanese like this food.
It is easy to make it.
1, cut and apply pepper and salt
2, apply flour
3, soak in egg. I add white soy sauce in egg for flavor
4, Apply panko, bread crumb.
5, Fry it until color get light dark.
Pork is good for our body. I know some people cannot eat for religious reason. I eat whatever I like.
You can use beef or chicken instead of pork at your home.

Bora, Mullet

Dried mullet ovary is famous for Italian or Greek food. But how about sushi or sashimi?
I got this instead of hobo, searobin.
It is like half clear hamachi, means has good fat in meat.
It is available this week only.