Friday, April 9, 2010

Wakame Salad?

Wakame salad.
I was reading AJC, Access Atlanta and found the article and the picture. They wrote about MF Sushi Bar in Midtown, Atlanta.
" Wakame salad which is seaweed loaded with sesame seeds, is traditional as is sunomono or picked things. "
My point is this is not MF Sushi Bar's exclusive item. It is everywhere just like cheap Robert Mondavi wines or A1 steak sauce. I just wondered why they took a picture of this very common, non-outstanding dish.
And actually, Japanese do not eat this wakame salad. But Americans really like it.
I added this salad on sushi omakase togo for a Japanese customer. I knew her very well. She commented that sushi was really good but that salad was a kind of bad thing.
We normally see it in bento box in Japan.
This is made in China. I had a visitor last year. he was from a Japanese trading company and lived in Shanghai, China. He told me how to make this salad. It was a thick seaweed. Guys smashed this on the ground and broke it. Then mix with soy sauce and some ingredients.
There are 2 differences about this salad. One is with MSG and the another is with no MSG.
That's it.

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