Thursday, April 8, 2010

Roasted Duck my way.

I started roasted Duck.
I am Japanese and I do Japanese way.
Soak duck in soba noodle soup for 1 night.
Then saute on surface and go to oven for 30 minutes with 320F.
That's all.
You can eat with by itself or wasabi soy sauce, means same as sashimi style.


Riddick said...

This looks like a phenomenal addition to your menu. I always enjoy trying your inventive dishes when i visit TAKA. Back in March you posted about Tenryo sake, and you mentioned that you could buy this on Buford Hwy. Where is the Asian supermarket where you bought the sake? I live very near Buford Hwy and frequent the Asian markets, but I have not found a great place to buy sake. I always enjoy your blog and try to visit your restaurant every few weeks. Thanks for the great sushi and posts. I am looking forward to dining at TAKA and hope to try some of the dishes off of your Izakaya menu. Cheers.

TAKA said...

BFM is just located outside of I-285. You can find it very easily.