Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Potato Salad

Can I call this, Japanese Potato salad?
I use this with Kewpie Mayonnaise.
Potato, carrot, raisin, apple, cucumber are in it.
Boil potato and carrot and mash when it gets cold.Actually, use something and smash and leave chunks.
Water comes out from cucumber. Slice cucumber and add salt and squeeze, make instant pickle. This keeps salad long.
Some people add shredded ham.
Add mayonnaise, salt and pepper. It is easy to make and good for any side dish.
It also good with sandwich.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kewpie Mayonnaise

Do you know this mayonnaise?
I was reading an article last night.
This Kewpie mayonnaise is the No.1 seller at
The container is soft plastic and easy to use.
There are 2 different mouth? and cam draw narrow line and star shape line.
The big difference of Japanese mayonnaise and American mayonnaise is taste and way of making.
This Kewpie mayonnaise uses egg york only but general American mayonnaise use egg york and egg white.
You have to try this. The price is around $5 and can get at Asian market.
We use this mayo for spicy tuna roll, and more.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I am drying hokke.

This is my restaurant's backdoor.
I hung 4 hokke and left one night.
So, it is ready to eat on Friday.

frozen and fresh salmon

I got frozen salmon because of volcano eruption.
It is easy to see which one is frozen or fresh.
There is a good news. I got fresh salmon from Maine.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mirugai is back!

We carry mirugai, giant clam again.
The price is still high but this is one of sushi items need to show.

Normally, we eat only outside part only. But our buying price includes everything. This is almost $80.00 and can use only 40%.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hobo, Searobin

I got this fish 2 weeks ago. It was delicious and order again.
There are a few names, Gurbard, Red gurnard or searobin.
It is good for sushi, sashimi and cooked.
I cook head also.
It is cute face isn't it!

Hokke, Arabesque Greenling

I just got this fish. Hokke is not for sushi or sashimi.
It is great for grilling.
I ate many times when I was in Hokkaido.
We did not eat at all in the beginning. After we caught so many herring, we started to eat.
I will cut in 2 and dry for 1-2 days under the sun, then I grill.
It is only 2 dishes this time.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ian Poulter at Masters

I went to see The Masters on Sunday. Ian Poulter prepared the ticket for me.
I went to his house after the game.
I came home at 2am.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tongchai Jaidee, from Msaters

We had a special guest from Masters.
Tongchai Jaidee is from Thailand.
Charlie and Nan, the owner of Tamarind and Nan Thai Fine Dining brought him.
I wore Masters on Saturday. This is very unusual thing.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Breaking News from Masters

Ian Poulter is doing very well.
If he wins on Sunday, I do a big sale on Monday. I give you 50% off from the bill.
I promise this.

TAKA, a good fried of Ian Poulter and to to see him on Sunday in Augusta.

Wakame Salad?

Wakame salad.
I was reading AJC, Access Atlanta and found the article and the picture. They wrote about MF Sushi Bar in Midtown, Atlanta.
" Wakame salad which is seaweed loaded with sesame seeds, is traditional as is sunomono or picked things. "
My point is this is not MF Sushi Bar's exclusive item. It is everywhere just like cheap Robert Mondavi wines or A1 steak sauce. I just wondered why they took a picture of this very common, non-outstanding dish.
And actually, Japanese do not eat this wakame salad. But Americans really like it.
I added this salad on sushi omakase togo for a Japanese customer. I knew her very well. She commented that sushi was really good but that salad was a kind of bad thing.
We normally see it in bento box in Japan.
This is made in China. I had a visitor last year. he was from a Japanese trading company and lived in Shanghai, China. He told me how to make this salad. It was a thick seaweed. Guys smashed this on the ground and broke it. Then mix with soy sauce and some ingredients.
There are 2 differences about this salad. One is with MSG and the another is with no MSG.
That's it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Roasted Duck my way.

I started roasted Duck.
I am Japanese and I do Japanese way.
Soak duck in soba noodle soup for 1 night.
Then saute on surface and go to oven for 30 minutes with 320F.
That's all.
You can eat with by itself or wasabi soy sauce, means same as sashimi style.

This might work.

This is Costco Brand Allergy medicine.
Someone told me that Zyrtec and this are same.
I need to see for a week.
I let you know.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Same Karei, Roughscale sole

This is very unique sole. It is from Hokkaido, Japan.
The surface of skin is rough and just like shark skin.
So, it is called same kawa karei, too.
Same is shark and kawa is skin.
They live between 150m- 1000m, means a group of deep ocean fish. Most of sole do not have fat, but this sole has it.
It is available until Friday, maybe.
You have to try.
Sayori season is almost finished. I will carry hobo instead of it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sangria Season is coming.

Some people start to seat at patio.
We are having warm days this weekend.
We serve sangria for patio season.
We prepare red, white and plum.
I really want to sell plum. We use Japanese plum, called ume.
This is really good.

Hitachino Beer

We used to have this beer. And it comes back for the season.
We carry Japanese Classic Ale and Red Rice.
Red rice is new item. Both are from Japan.

Hotaru Ika

This is very seasonable squid,
It is called Hotaru Ika. Toyama is famous for this squid.

Japanese fish omakase

I just received this box from Japan.
Omakase, fish market choice fish and this is the first time.
Suzuki, Japanese sea bass-bottom.
Hobo, Searobin- on top of suzuki.
Inada, small size of yellow tail- on top of hobo.
Isaki, Threeline Grunt- right top of inada.
Umazura Hagi, File fish- left top of inada.
And Madai, sea bream- red fish.
I make sashimi assortment with different sauce. Come and get them this weekend.
I know it is spring break but this is a great chance to eat new fish.

New Sashimi Dinner

I improved my sashimi dinner.
I added 2 items and made volume.
Some people might say " still small". But I believe this is the best deal in town.