Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tenryo Sake and Gero City, Japan

May I introduce new sake?This is super.
Both are from same brewery.
Tenryo sake brewery was established in 1680. It is located in Gero, Gifu. Gifu is just north of Nagoya, headquarter of Toyota.
A son of Tenryo brwwery lives in Pensacola, FL.Why he is there? This is a good question.
Gero and Pensacola are sisster city relationship.
The right one is sold at Asian grocery store in Doraville area. The name of sake is Hida No Homare, Honor of Hida. Hoda is old name of Gero area.
And the left one is super premium. The name of sake is Tenryo. This daiginjyo sake is served at Japanese Air force One. So, I guess Japanese emperor, royal family, prime minister drink.
I got a Gero guide book. The name Gero is well known because of onsen,hot spring. Japan is a volcano island and hot springs are everywhere. Of course, earthquakes happen every week. If you watch TV in Japan, you see earthquake breaking news weekly.
They have beautiful cherry trees, high mountains and more.
Many people say they want to go to Kyoto or Tokyo. It is fine but real Japan is not there. You should go to country area and Gero is one of the hot spot.
If you have back pain, joint problem, hot springs might heal it. The fun of travel is meeting with something unknown. I believe not many people can speak English well. But people's heart is very warm. That's true Japanese mind. If you have any plan of trip to Asia, go to Gero and stay there just 1 week. It is cheaper than staying Tokyo, and food is great, they have great sake and big nature.

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Riddick said...

Where is the Asian supermarket wher eyou bought the sake? I live very near Buford Hwy and frequent the Asian markets, but i have not found a great place to buy sake. I always enjoy your blog and try to visit your restaurant every few weeks. Thanks for the great sushi and posts.