Sunday, March 21, 2010

Strong bone and weak bone

I show you 2 different fishes.
The big one is Hiramasa, small hamachi. And small one is Black porgy, a kind of snapper.
It is very funny. the small fish bone is stronger and hard to cut.
The big hiramasa is very easy to cut.
There is a good reason.
Hiramasa is farm-raised in Australia. And Black porgy is wild in Japan.
This is my guess. Wild fish eat good food and make strong body. But farm-raised fish eat man-made food. And body is not strong.
I can say same thing as human beings. We need to eat good food to build our body strong.
If you eat fast food every day or weekly, your body is OK body. The outside looks good but inside is very weak. What do you think?

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