Thursday, March 11, 2010

Komachi men

Something new for you.
This is Komachi men.
This is rice noodle from Akita.
Akita? You might know the name of Akita.
This is not a dog noodle.
Akita is the name of prefecture just south of Hokkaido.
And Akita is famous for Akita Komachi rice.
Japanese people don't eat much rice than before. And I think Akita farmers are struggling to survive. So they decide to do something new. Rice noodle is famous in South East Asia. Thai and Vietnam's noodle are made with rice.
We normally eat this kind of noodle as zaru soba style, dipping sauce style.
I tasted tonight and was not bad.
This item is available at Japanese menu. And you can order it.
By the way, we do not carry whale meat for sushi. But I like to eat whale meat in Japan.
We used to eat it when we were children. Beef was very expensive at that time and we ate it as school lunch many times.

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