Monday, March 29, 2010

Kabocha, Japanese squash

This is kabocha, Japanese squash but is made in Mexico.
We love kabocha.
This is called Kabocha nitsuke.
It is easy to make.
1, Peel the skin.
2, Cook with water, mirin, soy sauce, sugar.
( water 150cc, mirin L spoon 1, Soy sauce L spoon1 and sugar L spoon 1/2)
I think it takes about 10 minutes.
You can get this at Farmers market.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

They are from Paul Hobbs.

I had visitors from CA.
Have you tasted Paul Hobbs wines?
I am a big fan of his wines.
We carry chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Malbec and Caberbet Sauvignon.
Jeniffer is marketing and sales. Michael is vice president.
Thank you so much for making excellent wines and please continue to do that. I buy and drink and tell all the people I know.

Is this too small?

This is our sashimi dinner, the price is $29. It comes with soup, salad and rice.
Someone claimed on Thursday night. She told me she could get double portion at other places.
I told her that I could not do that. And that is matter of choosing quality or quantity.
I might do if I use frozen tuna, frozen salmon, frozen hamachi and other frozen fish.
I buy most of fish from Japan. I cannot do that.
But I sometimes do it. It is only late night and Saturday night.
I do not want to carry over the fish to next day. And we are not open on Sunday. And I explain the reason of large portion.
I do not want to argue but I need to explain and need to speak up. Customer is always King and Queen in this country, but I have a right to speak. And I did, I do and I will.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

One of the best tuna in 1st qtr.

This is the one of the best tuna in 1st qtr.
There is no question and doubt.
Spring Break? Come to Taka and eat this tuna.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Aji has roe.

Maybe , you do not want to see this picture. If you don't , do not enlarge.

I think women aji has roe, yellow part. and men aji has testicular, white part.
As a common sense, the fish has roe tastes not great as usual.
The reason is very simple. All energy go to roe, not body.
But aji is available all season and we eat all the time.

Fish comparison

A big one is Kuro-dai, black porgy. And a small one is Kodai, vynnis.
Both are same group of snapper.
Kuro-dai is easy to say. Kuro means black, black snapper is kuro-dai.
And ko means small, ko-dai is small dai.

Koda, Evynnis

I got a small size sea bream. It is called kodai, or chidai.
Sea bream is called madai. All fish names with dai is a group of snapper.
It is wild caught and from Japan.


Have you had Torrontes?
Torrontes is a name of grape, from Argentina.
It is called "White Malbec".
It is getting popular with its taste and price.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something from Japan

This is a healthy rice mix.
We add this when cook rice.
There 16 different grains are inside.
We had good life and good meal when we were young. But not any more. I do not say because of American fast food. But it is right in some parts.
Rice consumption is decreasing year by year.
Rice is better than bread but bread is easier to eat than rice.
We are more focusing to our healthy life when we get old.
My sister sent me this. And I will try soon.

Strong bone and weak bone

I show you 2 different fishes.
The big one is Hiramasa, small hamachi. And small one is Black porgy, a kind of snapper.
It is very funny. the small fish bone is stronger and hard to cut.
The big hiramasa is very easy to cut.
There is a good reason.
Hiramasa is farm-raised in Australia. And Black porgy is wild in Japan.
This is my guess. Wild fish eat good food and make strong body. But farm-raised fish eat man-made food. And body is not strong.
I can say same thing as human beings. We need to eat good food to build our body strong.
If you eat fast food every day or weekly, your body is OK body. The outside looks good but inside is very weak. What do you think?

I respect Paul Hobbs

We had a good-bye party last week. On of golf friends is leaving for NJ.
We drunk 4 different Paul Hobbs cabernet sauvignon.
1st. Crossbarn $80-$100
2nd. Napa Valley $120-$180
3rd. Stagecoarch, Napa Valley $250-$300
4th. Oacville $350-$500
The prices are restaurant serving price. And we shared these with 10 people.
It was a good experience.
I am not a rich guy. I like Marshall's shopping. I am a cheap guy. But I spend money for wines.
We cannot tell anything without tasting.
One of my dreams is opening Romanee Conti, French wine. The price is around $4000- unlimited. I am very far from this wine, but I will open in the future.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Komachi men

Something new for you.
This is Komachi men.
This is rice noodle from Akita.
Akita? You might know the name of Akita.
This is not a dog noodle.
Akita is the name of prefecture just south of Hokkaido.
And Akita is famous for Akita Komachi rice.
Japanese people don't eat much rice than before. And I think Akita farmers are struggling to survive. So they decide to do something new. Rice noodle is famous in South East Asia. Thai and Vietnam's noodle are made with rice.
We normally eat this kind of noodle as zaru soba style, dipping sauce style.
I tasted tonight and was not bad.
This item is available at Japanese menu. And you can order it.
By the way, we do not carry whale meat for sushi. But I like to eat whale meat in Japan.
We used to eat it when we were children. Beef was very expensive at that time and we ate it as school lunch many times.

Seki Aji

This is really good.
This is Aji, Japanese jack fish but not ordinary one.
It is called Seki Aji. Seki is the brand name. It is from Ohita prefecture. Seki is just between Kyushu island and shikoku island.
This are is very narrow and sea srtream is very fast.
It means can get high quality fish.
Seki Aji and Seki Saba are famous from this area.
Of course the price is more expensive than ordinary aji but taste is much better than that.

High Mountain tea

I sent a newsletter this Monday about pollen allergy prevention.
I drink special oolong tea every day.
The left one is from China. Ankei oolong tea.
Ant the right one is dong din oolong tea from Taiwan.
Both are not same oolong tea but are same high mountain tea.
An I tested it with my body. Both of them worked well.
You can buy at Buford Hwy. farmers Market.
You have to drink 10 cups daily.
I know it is not easy. And do not add anything like sugar. Just drink straight.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tenryo Sake and Gero City, Japan

May I introduce new sake?This is super.
Both are from same brewery.
Tenryo sake brewery was established in 1680. It is located in Gero, Gifu. Gifu is just north of Nagoya, headquarter of Toyota.
A son of Tenryo brwwery lives in Pensacola, FL.Why he is there? This is a good question.
Gero and Pensacola are sisster city relationship.
The right one is sold at Asian grocery store in Doraville area. The name of sake is Hida No Homare, Honor of Hida. Hoda is old name of Gero area.
And the left one is super premium. The name of sake is Tenryo. This daiginjyo sake is served at Japanese Air force One. So, I guess Japanese emperor, royal family, prime minister drink.
I got a Gero guide book. The name Gero is well known because of onsen,hot spring. Japan is a volcano island and hot springs are everywhere. Of course, earthquakes happen every week. If you watch TV in Japan, you see earthquake breaking news weekly.
They have beautiful cherry trees, high mountains and more.
Many people say they want to go to Kyoto or Tokyo. It is fine but real Japan is not there. You should go to country area and Gero is one of the hot spot.
If you have back pain, joint problem, hot springs might heal it. The fun of travel is meeting with something unknown. I believe not many people can speak English well. But people's heart is very warm. That's true Japanese mind. If you have any plan of trip to Asia, go to Gero and stay there just 1 week. It is cheaper than staying Tokyo, and food is great, they have great sake and big nature.

Chicken Nanban

Let's make country Japanese style fried chicken.
It is called chicken nanban. It is not from Tokyo, Osaka or my hometown Hiroshima.
It is from Miyazaki. Where is Miyazaki ? It is in Kyushu Island.
Miyazaki is a kind of tropical state and famous for expensive mango and more. Miyazaki mango is tasty and the price is $50-$60 per fruit. I never tasted it.
Anyway, cut chicken and pepper, salt. Then apply flour and egg and go deep fry.
After that, soak in nanban vinegar which is sweet sour sauce. They take it from vinegar.
Then white tartar sauce on top of chicken.
White tartar sauce is easy. It is made of boiled egg, mayonnaise, pepper, salt, pickles, onion, ketchup. I think kids like this. And any deep fried food match with white tartar sauce.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good tuna is available.

I go really good tuna yesterday.
Bigeye and no worm in it.
This beautiful red meat is great,
Toro need to wait one more day to eat.
toro need aging sometimes.
Super fresh is hard to eat.

Monday, March 1, 2010

If you have Camry, need to be careful.

I went to Toyota dealer last week.
I was really surprised with this recall.
I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid. It was a good car and no problem. But this car was one of the recall models.
It took 90 minutes. I just drove home and saw how was it.
There are 2 pictures. The left one is from Tundra and the right one if from Camry.
You can see how ugly Camry's pedal. They did not install a new pedal. They just cut the bottom.
I was shocked and called a few friends. Then, I posted my Japanese blog. I showed the pictures to many friends. Everybody had same opinion. This is not the right way.
This is jut saving money way for Toyota. Toyota did not think of customer's feeling.
Akio Toyota said that he was very sorry for recall this time. But this was really bad. They needed to order the new designed pedal and install. We are not kids and fool.
I am preparing to write a letter to Toyota Motor USA in California.
I received a survey letter from Toyota dealer. I marked 0% of satisfaction.
I think they will contact me soon. I am very mad about this ugly pedal.