Thursday, February 11, 2010

Japanese Curry

Java Curry
The name of Java comes from Java Island,Indonesia. Actually, they do not have curry there. I googled and found House Foods which is a maker of this curry.
It images spicy Southern Island.
So, this curry must be spicy.

Vermont Curry
You know the state of Vermont. Vermont was famous for honey and apple. This Vermont curry contained honey and apple.
But, maple syrup is more famous than honey.

Both are instant curry mix, just like hamburger helper. Saute meat, onion, carrot, potato and add water then add this curry mix. You can make Japanese curry in 30 minutes.
We Japanese like curry and rice. I have this on the menu.
Some people do not know about this popular curry.
I actually made this curry for omakase last week. The guy ordered omakase did not like it. And he posted Yelp. "I got worst omakase." And he gave us 1star. People need to know diff rent culture and judge, Sushi is our culture but curry is also our culture.
Many people expect toro,hamachi and maguro for omakase. But people need to try something they do not know. Am I right?


Min said...

I love Japanese curry! I make it often. Muy kid loves it too.

Drew Kleinhans said...

I think you're absolutely right Taka: I think that folks need to understand that you are more than just a guy who can cut raw fish, and that the Japanese food culture has more depth than just raw fish. Unfortunately you can't please everybody, but I for one would be pleased to get this in my omakase.

TAKA said...

Thanks for your comment.
I am happy to make it for you.
But I need to search both happinesses, customer and me.

Add apple, honey, banana, OJ . Those need to chop and blend.
I do chocolate power and whisky.
It makes depth for curry.

catalania said...

Hi Taka^^ I was googling for vermont curry when i stumble to your blog.
Fyi, I live in Java, Indonesia, and we do have several types of curry here. You can google for the most popular one, "kari ayam" (that's indonesian word for chicken curry) The main different in our curry is, we use lots of coconut milk.