Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuna Poke

The weather is getting nice.
So, I decided to serve this kind of dish.
Tuna poke was very popular last year.
I changed the design this year.


You might know the meaning of bahun-uni.
Ba- horse
hun- shit
So, this is horse shit sea urchin.
The reason we got was very simple.
It was because of rain in CA. The divers cannot find uni during rain and sea water get dirty.
Bahun uni come from northeast.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Star Fruit

Have you had this before?
My first bite was December inn 2009.
It was OK.
The good things is working for high blood pressure.
That's a good to know.
I also contains vitamin C, fiber.'

Improved Burger

As you know, I started my burger from last week.
it was a good start but had a problem.
The size was too big to eat. So I changed to smaller size.
Now, you can eat this as an appetizer. And I add egg and it can be a sauce.
I finally ate tonight. It was very very good.
You have try!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

4th & Swift

It was a good dinner.
I liked kurobuta, special pork.
So many homeless on North Ave. but this restaurant is good.
We will be back again.
This is my judgement.
I always think " Do I come back this place or not?"
If it is good restaurant, I say YES. If it is OK, I say NO.
4th & Swift is absolutely YES.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brown Rice Salad

You know I eat brown rice everyday.
It is healthy and tasty.
But I know you guys cannot eat rice by itself.
I see many people use soy sauce, eel sauce and sometimes spicy sauce.
We Japanese can eat rice by itself because we eat a main dish with many kinds of side dishes. Side dishes are same as sauce.
Some are salty, some are strong. So we eat rice and adjust flavor in the mouth.
I made this dish for American people. you guys need to eat more healthy food.
And brown rice is the best.

Menchi Katsu Burger

You have to try this if you like hamburger.
It is called Menchi katsu Burger.
I need to explain this.
Menchi katsu is deep fried hamburger pate.
I make it with 100% ground beef, shiitake mushroom, onion, carrot, celery, panko, egg, pepper, salt milk.
I tasted and was good. This is a sample and I just add green leaf.
But I make it with sunny side up egg, leaf and tomato.
The price is Lucky $7. It is limited. It is available all this weekend.
I am a sushi guy but I love good food. And I want you try this kind of delicious burger.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuna Stone Mountain

I made it. Is it like Stone Mountain?
There are sweet shrimp, nagaimo, cucumber, scallop, octopus and more. And it covered with sliced tuna.
I have to make this kind of funny dish.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Zosui, Japanese risotto

I want you to eat this kind of food.
Zosui is Japanese risotto.
I use fish broth and some vegetables, rice and egg.
We normally make zosui after nabe, hot pot dish.
Japanese eat a lots of hot pot in winter. We put fish, vegetables, noodles and more. And at the end, we take all stuff except broth and make zosui. This broth has everything from fish and vegetables.
I made this broth from Chilean sea bass's bone. This deep ocean fish can make great broth.
But unfortunately, people don't know and they don't order.
I think our customer come to Taka for sushi and fish.
But we have so many variety of food in Japanese. I have to introduce them.
I ate this for my lunch and made it late night for employees meal. So, now they know what is zosui and will sell.

She applied a challenge.

I cannot tell her name. She lives in Atlanta and works in Buckhead.
She sent me an e-mail after I posted OX tail tofu soup and brown rice that I ate.
She wanted to lose weight and wanted to eat good food for lunch.
Her goal is losing 16 lbs. She told me that would take more than 6 months.
I just wanted her to eat better food to lose weight.
She picks up her next day's lunch every evening and tries 7 days.
I want her lose weight 2-3 lbs in a week.
I give oolong tea, soup and brown rice.
We will see what happen.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A heater in the restaurant

This is our final way to heat up the restaurant.
It is very cold here in Atlanta. Our building is old, just like a house with no 2nd fl. And we have a big kitchen fan and it takes all warm air from the dining area.
I checked last night. It was 75F and went down to 70F. And I brought the heater from patio and put it fire. It went up to 75F again. It looks ugly but no choice.

Shirako, Testicular

Thank you for waiting a long time.
The season is coming here in Atlanta.
This is the big one for you.
Do you want to try this?
Shirako is testicular and this one is from Cod.
Taste? It is like super silky, milky tofu.
Almost no flavor, it's worth to try.
Tasting is believing.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year's Resolution: A Top rated is Diet.

It is always same for me. Americans New Year's resolution No.1 is same as last year. It is DIET. "I want to lose weight 10 lb this year." Or something like this.
I always say same. Just think your body is a glass. 2 cups of capacity of the glass can hold water only 2 cups. It cannot hold 3 cups. But your stomach is stretchable and can extend. That's problem.
Also, I say if you take 2000 Cal a day, you have to burn 2000 Cal or more than that on same day. Otherwise you will gain weight.
It is very simple mathematics.
And, if you cannot burn 2000 Cal, you have to reduce Cal you take. I know I can gain weight easily. So I take my lunch always like a picture. I eat brown rice (no flavor but I can enjoy it.) and hot tofu soup with OX tail and 8 vegetables. I never fed up with this meal. I sometimes add noodle with this. I hate to eat salad, Why do I have to eat cold salad in winter? I can eat warm vegetables but cannot eat cold vegetables. I am OK in summer but not now.
And you can imagine how hard to eat 7 or 8 different vegetables at same time. In that way, the soup is the best. My weight is around 162 lb now. I gain a little bit in winter. So I am OK up to 165LB. If something happens and my weight is over 165 lb, I need to cut my meal and wait to go down around 160lb. You need to set up your range. My range is 155-165lb.
If you would like to have this lunch, I can offer. You can take home and eat next day. Just heat up.
Americans are very beautiful but most of them are over weight. You have to take a look at you in front of mirror and think of your 20lb less body. You have to do it for yourself, your family and your someone loves you. Good luck guys.