Monday, November 30, 2009

Taka's Update November 30th.

Taka’s Update November 30th 2009

Fish delivery of this week
The delivery is back to normal. I got good tuna last week. No idea for this week.
I started Sushi Omakase; it is $40 and my choice. So, I can make my best sushi for you. I make 6 dishes in total.

Calendar Update
Christmas Day is coming in 25 days. We will be closed on that day.
2010 is coming in 31 days. We will be closed on New Years Day.

A: Kid’s Obesity and sleeping hour
This is from Pediatrics online.
Let your kids in bed long hours at weekends and holiday. It makes prevention of gaining weight or obesity.
Around 10 years old kids need 9.5- 10 hours and less age kids need more than that. We know they are busy for homework in weekdays. So let them sleep long hours at weekends.

B: A Story about tuna
I talked with our fish supplier last week. Tuna supply is not bright near future. Most of tuna will be frozen soon (2-3 years) or farm-raised.
Have you ever had a name of Kindai Tuna? Kindai means Kinki University in Japan. They have been farming tuna almost 20 years. We can eat this Kindai Tuna in NYC and LA. It will come to Atlanta soon. Kindai is the first organization in the world to farm tuna from roe. Normally, they catch small tuna in the ocean and farm in net.

C: Japanese Yen is getting high and high.
We saw $1=84 Yen at the moment last week. It is 86.70 Yen today. But it was 95 yen last year. This means our price will change near future. I assume Yen will be high to 70 yen next year. If it is so, all Japanese products prices need to raise. Hamachi might be $8.00 for 2 pieces; some expensive fish sushi will be more than $10.00. You might know US Dollar and Euro. Euro is almost 50% higher in 5 years. Any solution? I do not think so. Some people say Japanese Yen will be 60 yen soon. It is because US dollar is weak and times are changing.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Taka's Update Nov. 23rd.

Taka’s Update November 23rd 2009

Fish delivery of this week
It is because of Thanksgiving Day, Japanese fish delivery is Tuesday and Friday.
We will be closed on that day.
I will play golf at 9am. It is shot gun style. The golf course will be closed by 2:30pm.
And we will open Friday and Saturday as usual.

Calendar Update
Thanksgiving Day is coming in 3 days. We will be closed on that day.
Christmas Day is coming in 32 days.
2010 is coming in 36 days.

Obesity is growing here in the US.
This is from CNN this morning.
28% of Americans are obesity. It is more than 1 in 4 people. And it will grow 42 % in 2018. Oh my God. Please do not eat much and do exercise. People do not want to get sick and take extra vitamins. This is also terrible. I went to Costco this morning and bought a box of California orange. The season is just started. I think I will eat this 5 or 6 everyday. I was born in orange farmer’s family in Hiroshima. I used to eat 20-30 oranges when I was young. My skin gets yellow after January. I am very healthy and maybe because of it.
I have been eating brown rice for 4 weeks. I feel good because my mental situation is good. I say by myself that I eat good food every day. When was the last time I ate fast food? I think 4 or 5 years ago. I add red bean when I cook brown rice. Bean is really good for health. I bought dried soy bean last week and made appetizers. I try to make more healthy food.
Thanksgiving Day is just right at the corner. People buy tons of foods and drinks. It is OK this is American tradition. But please do not forget. “If you take 2500kcal, you have to burn same amount.” This is the key of keeping good shape. Enjoy your meal and move your body.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Taka's Update November 16th 2009

Taka’s Update November 16th 2009

Fish delivery of this week
Tuna supply is no bad. I have big eye tuna today and not bad. Uni is coming today.
All other fish are same as usual.

Calendar Update
Thanksgiving Day is coming in 10 days. We will be closed on that day.
Christmas Day is coming in 39 days.
2010 is coming in 43 days.

Banana is good, anyway.
Do you like banana or not? I like it and eat every day. There are 3 ways to eat banana. It is just banana but it is banana power.

1st step- Green banana
Green banana is good for diet. This is less sugar and rich in fiber. A piece of banana is only 86kcal. A piece of bread is 211kcal and you can understand how banana is low calorie.
Banana contains glucose, fructose and sucrose. These different sugars turn to energy in different time and it keeps your stomach full and feels full with stimulation of brain from serotonin. And dietary fiber improves bowel movements.

2nd step~ Yellow banana
Yellow banana contains a a lot of potassium and it push away sodium from your body. And it improves the flow of bold. Also it keeps blood pressure normal. It works quickly.

3rd step~ Brown banana
Brown banana is the highest degree of immune activation in the fruits. It kills cancer cells, boost the body's white blood cells and suppress the allergic inflammation.
Do you eat breakfast or skip it? Banana is easy to eat. Just take a cup of water and banana every morning. Your body will be change soon.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sayori, Halfbeak

This is Sayori, Halfbeak.
The season is just started. I think it is available until next spring.
A skinny body and clean taste is yummy.

New tuna

I got this tuna yesterday. This is stomach side and not bad.
It is available for next 4 days.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update November 9th 2009

Fish delivery of this week
It was good start for new fish last week. Flying fish, file fish were sold out. Sayori, halfbeak is coming this week. I am not sure for tuna do far.

Calendar Update
Thanksgiving Day is coming in 17 days.
Christmas Day is coming in 46 days.
2010 is coming in 52 days.

A:Cardiovascular disease and white bread
This is from Journal of the American college of Cardiology.
Cornflake or white bread makes rising blood sugar and the risk of cardiovascular disease is up. For your health, low blood sugar index carb, like oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, tofu and nuts are good.

B:Green and our body
This is from Amsterdam VU University.
If you live nearby parks or forest, you become healthy in mentally and physically.
Especially, it works for depression. But there are no effect for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
I feel good when I play golf and stay in golf course surrounded by greens.

C:Smoking rate is low.
This is from Japanese government survey in 2008.
Adult smoking rate is 21.8%. This number is 6 % lower than 6 years ago.
Men’s smoking rate is 36.8% and 2.6% lower and 10% lower from 2003.
Over weight % is 28.6 and lower than last year (30.4%). Japanese government encourages the prevention of metabolic syndrome.
Japanese government is thinking to raise tobacco tax and will reduce smokers.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Tobi Uo, Flying fish

I started Tobi Uo again.
You know this fish as tobiko, flying fish roe.
Tobi Uo comes from Japan.
I make an appetizer, crispy fried fish.
I fry meat with wing.
Tobi Uo can fly about 100 yard.
That's why flying fish.

Umazura Hagi, Japanese File Fish

I thought I showed this fish before.
Umazura means horse face. Is this looks like horse face?
File fish is a unique fish. I will take the skin off first. It is just like I take off clothing. Then I cut the fish.
But I need to do it very careful This fish has big liver and need to take it. This liver is tasty and I serve meat with liver.
See the whole body after cut. The red part is just like fin muscle. No other fish carry like this.
The meat is very firm and clean.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Oolong tea

This is the one. There are so many oolong tea but this is the best.
I am so sorry for that many people cannot read Chinese character. This oolong tea comes from Taiwan.
This oolong tea works for high fever, pollen allergy.
Of course, it works for diet. It cleans our body.
It is almost same as green tea.
And it is easy to drink. I bought this at Buford Hwy. Farmers Market recently. The price was $12.99.
I normally drink this about 4-5 cups a day.
You can do it with ice cream, chocolate and cookies. You will not gain weight much.
Please try it.

Brown Rice

The top left is Brown rice sweet rice, the right is brown rice.

The bottom left is white rice and the right is 50% brown rice.

I have been eating brown rice for 3 weeks.

I chew maybe 2 times than before. Chewing is very important.

It helps developing jaw and stimulate brain.

And brown rice works for metabolic patients. I have metabolic dinner in November.

It is $7 and brown rice, soup and vegetables come with.

Eating good food costs a lot sometimes but can save money in the future.

I am trying to make delicious brown rice food. It is on the way and not yet.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Taka's Update Nov. 2nd 2009

Taka’s Update November 2nd 2009

Fish delivery of this week
I have good tuna and can sell today. That’s good news for SUSHI DAY. Iwashi, Japanese sardine is out of season. I will order Tobi-uo,flying fish. It will come next week.
Today is Sushi Day. Get 30% of coupon from your bill. This is one night only offer.

November Special
I make metabolic solution menu. It is $7 and come with brown rice, vegetables and soup, salad.
If you have a problem with overweight or high blood pressure and more, come to try it.
Why $7? It is Lucky 7 and not much meaning. And low price is easy to eat every day.
Actually, I have been eating brown rice for 2 weeks. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will try it for 3 months and want to see my body changing.

A: High blood pressure is the worst risk.
This is from WHO. The data came from 2004 but I think it is same as this year.
The highest risk for health hazard is high blood pressure. It is 12.8% of death. The next is smoking, 8.7% and high blood sugar, 5.8%.
One of reason of high blood pressure in Japan is overtaking of salt.
Japanese food is healthy but miso and soy sauce contain a lot of salt. And pickles also contain a lot of salt. Americans take 8-10g of salt daily but Japanese take 11-13g. European take only 5-6g.

B: Finland is No.1.
This is from Legatum Institute. The Legatum Institute is an independent research, policy, and advocacy organisation that promotes political, economic and individual liberty in the developing and transitioning world.
They released 2009 Prosperity Index. Top 10 is Finland, Swiss, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, Holland, United States and New Zealand. Japan is 16th , England is 12th. The worst is Zimbabwe.

C: Fiber is good for many things.
This is from Garvan medical Research, Sydney.
Food with fiber is good for Asthma, diabetes, arthritis. Do you know? Brown rice contains 2 times fiber than white rice.

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