Monday, September 14, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update September 14 2009
This week FISH
Our business was coming back a little. It was not bad last week.
I cut come fish because of saving cost. But most of fish are available.
It is as usual.

Japan Fest 2009
This is the biggest Japanese festival in Southeast. They have it at Gwinnett Arena from September 19-20th. (Saturday-Sunday)
Free ticket is still available. Let me know if you need it.
We have a Homepage.
We finally made our homepage at
My newspaper business associate made this. It is not bad. Please take a look.

Reducing restaurant expense.
This is from Alix Partners, consulting company.
Most of American families are cutting expenses and the top is restaurant expense. 88% are already cut it and 76% are thinking near future. And 40% of restaurants are facing bankrupt within a year. The dining room in Ritz Carlton just announced their closing date on October 1st.

Deflation is coming?
I believe deflation is coming near future. Or it has come already. We do not see 24 cans or bottles of beer anymore. I just reduced some of prices on restaurant menu. I will see it for a while and decide to reduce more. Just think, you paid 2 pieces of short rib for $9.00 before. Now you pay $5.00 for piece. And I change supplier and reduce price. There are many ways to reduce prices.

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