Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update September 09 2009
This week FISH
I will get good big eye tuna on Wednesday. Have you eaten sushi during holiday? I think you have not. There was no fish delivery at that period. I ate BBQ pork and BBQ beef. I started Ankimo, Monkfish liver pate. I think this is autumn and winter food.

Japan Fest 2009
This is the biggest Japanese festival in Southeast. They have it at Gwinnett Arena from September 19-20th. (Saturday-Sunday)
I might get free tickets soon. Please let me know if you are interested in. I got some offer. But I have many tickets this year.

Small portion is better?
I went to Costco the other day. They changed the portion of soft drinks. It was 3 dozens in a pack. But it was 2 dozens this time. Costco is struggling for the sales. I thought this decision was good thought for the customers. The can reduce shopping budget. I am thinking same way. I sell sushi less with less portion. I can do cut fish thinner and reduce price. What do you think? This might save our cost of living. I try this for nigiri sushi and sashimi.

Koreans Power
Do you know 1 out of 7 foreign country college students in the US is Korean? This number is growing year by year. In Korea, 84% of high school graduates go to collage. Japan is also high but only 53%. Then only 20% of college graduates can get job. Korea is class society now. So, Korean people escape from their country and stay in the US and get good jobs or start businesses. High education might guarantee good income.
If you see on Buford Hwy. or Lawrenceville area, you see it more and more.

Americans Life
Do you know how many years average Americans live? It is 77.9 years. Men live 75.3 years and women live 80.4 years. This is the highest in the history. But this number is the worst in advanced countries( Actually Japan is 1st place and America is 38th in the world.). And this number is lower than Cuba. People spend so much money for medical cost but does not work well.
The American journal of medicine reported this. Americans health condition is lower than 18 years ago. Obesity percentage has changed from 28% to 36%.
There are 5 basic rules for better healthy life.
1~ exercise , 2~ Eat fruits and vegetables, 3~ Keeping average weight, 4~ Control alcohol and 5~ No smoking. 15% of people were doing 18 years ago. And only 8% of people are doing now.
What is typical Americans food? These are hamburger, sand witch, pizza, fried chicken and ice cream. And most of them are fast food restaurant chains.
Do you buy frozen foods? Do you buy instant foods? Do you buy snacks? And do you buy big portions of soft drinks? America is class society and it goes everywhere. Rich people buy organic foods and vegetables and fruits. And poor people buy frozen foods, instant foods, big bottle of soft drinks and snacks. Believe or not, frozen foods sales is growing because of bad economy. It means this country produce more unhealthy people. And the government tries to provide national insurance system near future.
Have you had a word of calorie restriction ? It is 1600 kcal taken every day and eat vegetables mainly and live long. It does not give enough food for a while but also aging speed gets slow. That means people can live long.
Anyway, rich people get more healthy and poor people get more unhealthy. This is class society.
I think the problem is they do not know how to cook. One of example is okra.
I sometimes give okra to the customers. It is just boiled and soaked in tosazu vinegar.
But Southern people think okra is deep fried, and eat with heavy sauce.
Someone need to show new cooking, healthy cooking.
I am trying always. Check my blog, I sometimes show it.

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