Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Okra tempura

Hey, Taka's healthy cooking time.
Okra tempura. But this is GA and can say "Popcorn Okra Japanese style".
Tempura is easy to make at your home.
We use tempurako, tempura flour and egg york.
Place tempura flour into the bowl and add egg york and cold water. It is like making pan cake.
Then add something you do tempura.
Then go into hot oil.
The cooking time is less than 2 minutes. Many vegetables are good for tempura, zucchini, egg plant, avocado, peppers, potatoes, carrot and more.

Tempura sauce is also easy to make if you have Japanese things.
Dashi,bonito and kelp broth 2 cups, Mirin 1 cup, soy sauce 1/2 cup, light color soy sauce 1/2 cup and add bonito flake and heat up. Stop fire before boil and strain. That's it.
keep cool it.

American people need to eat more healthy food.
If you are mother, you have to cook at your home. Your children will respect you.
If you are father, you have to cook on Sunday. Your family respect you.
And you can cook with your children, the like to do with you and learn from you.
Then they will teach their children when they become parents.

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