Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big eye tuna arrived!

This tuna is not bad. It just came today and was good start for after Labor Day.
You see 2 pictures, right? This is same tuna. The right one is no cut and the left one is after cut blood part. The blood part is called chiai. We normally dump. But it included with price.
I dump chiai and skin, these portion is 15% of tuna. So, I buy $16/lb tuba means actual price is almost $18.5/lb.
Some fish have bones and head we need to think about all of them.
Anyway, this tuna is great.
We reduced the price of all nigiri sushi because of bad economy. We cut fish 10% small and reduce price same% or more. We need to do something other wise it gets worse.
I am trying many ways to keep my business as normal.

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