Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beets and Vegetables Salad

This is Taka's Cooking Class. We have to eat good food.
You need beets, carrot, potato, pickled cucumber, celery, edamame(if you like).
1, Boil beets, potato and carrots. I think about 25 minutes.
(Peel the skin of carrot.)
2, During cooking, you have to cut celery and cucumber in dice size.
3, Just wait boiled stuff are cool down. Then peel the skin of potato and beets. And cut in dice size.
4, Put everything is a large bowl. And add salt, olive oil, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.
5, Ready to eat. And you can keep this in the fridge next 3~4 days.
This is great for side dish, salad and more.
The idea came from Ms. Tatiana, Russian friend. She made for me similar one and I liked so much. I add edamamae and celery. You can add your favorite vegetables and make your own salad.
It is easy and reasonable and healthy.

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Anna said...

Thank you so much, this looks delicious. I really appreciate your blog and tips on healthy eating and living.