Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big eye tuna, not Blue fin.

I got big eye tuna yesterday.
It is stomach side and had great toro.
But September is Blue fin tuna season.
I didn't hear anything about blue fin tuna.
What is going on?
I normally get 3-4 times of that.
My guess is global warming and catching too much tuna are problems.
It is sad but we will not see blue fin tuna for a while or for ever.
Big eye tuna's supply is not bad. Our restaurant, include other Japanese restaurants business are slow and we don't want to buy much fish.
I buy almost 25% less fish than last year.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Taka's Update September 29-2009

Taka’s Update September 28, 2009

Fish of this week
We had good tuna last week. New tuna is coming today. I expect same quality as last week. Japanese fish delivery gets back to normal. I was a little bit happy because of better sales of last week. I cut the price of most items on the menu. That made our customers happy, maybe.

A: Warning to drivers over energy drinks.
This is from England. We see so many kinds of energy drinks and not good for your body. It might help when you get flu. I do not take these usually. I take OX tail healthy body soup every day. That makes me healthy. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) issued a warning about the beverages after research suggested that they can lead to lapses in concentration behind the wheel. The study by the US National Safety Commission found that an hour after drinking a highly caffeinated and sugared drink, motorists suffered delays in their reaction times. The drinks, many of which are promoted as a cure for tiredness, can even make drivers feel more weary, the IAM said. Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: "Energy drinks are good as a quick fix, but they're no substitute for regular breaks. “Having a high-caffeine drink is a one-off hit – you can't repeat it, as this type of drink does not produce the same effect in a couple of hours' time.” An IAM spokesman added: "Excessive caffeine consumption can cause similar symptoms to alcohol intoxication." The warning stands in stark contrast to official advice to weary drivers. The Government’s Think! road safety website suggests: “Drink two cups of coffee or a high-caffeine drink and have a rest for 10 to 15 minutes to allow time for the caffeine to kick in.” However, it does warn: “A caffeine drink and a 20 minute nap is a short-term solution that will only allow you to keep driving for a short time.” The IAM has released an alternative set of guidelines for drivers who feel tired during a long journey. They include sharing the driving where possible, pulling over as soon as a driver feels tired, and taking regular breaks from driving. Driver sleepiness is estimated to account for around one fifth of accidents on Britain’s roads, and is responsible for around 300 deaths per year. The dangers of caffeine intoxication have been noted by the American Food and Drink Administration, which described it as having similar effects to drunkenness, including irritability, muscle twitching and slurred speech. Research last year by the National University of Ireland, Galway suggested that caffeine has no stimulating effect on the brain and does not counteract sleepiness. Scientists said the findings called into question road safety policies that urge tired drivers to drink two cups of coffee to ensure alertness at the wheel. The IAM, which is Britain's largest independent road safety charity, works to improve road safety and driving standards.

B: Petit fasting works for your diet.
If you hear about fasting, you might imagine religious reason. It is not at all. It might works for your diet.
Some people say,” I cannot do without eating. I cannot sleep with empty stomach.” So, I recommend you petit fasting.
It is easy to do that. 1~ Do not eat and drink after 8pm. 2~ It is same as sweets and alcohol. 3~ But you can drink water and tea.
The main reason to get fat is eating after 8pm. The key is Bmal 1, a kind of protein. Bmal 1 can get fat and this protein increase late night. Also, late eating is not good for your stomach. And less sleeping gives you fatigue. Eventually, you get fat even if you do not eat much.
This is a true data. Meat at 10pm is 20 times bad for getting fat than meal at 2pm.
If you want to eat heavy meal like steak, go eat for lunch. And should eat light meal for dinner.
Yes, sushi and Japanese food are the best ways for diet. We do not open late because of this reason.
Hey, girls! Do not go out late night. It kills your skin. You do not feel when you are young. But you have to pay when you get old. This is another warning.

C: Sake tasting on October 21st Wednesday.
We do Sake tasting and autumn meal. The fee is only $30 because of bad economy. 5 sakes and 5 dishes something you never had, maybe. Please send me a mail if you are interested in.
It is October 21st Wednesday 7pm.

TAKA 375 Pharr Rd. Atlanta GA 30305 TEL 404-869-2802
Home page:takasushiatlanta.com Blog: sushiandpassion.blogspot.com

Monday, September 21, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update September 21 2009
This week FISH
Japan is holiday and Japanese fish delivery is only 1 time.
All fish are coming on tomorrow.
Big eye tuna also coming on tomorrow.
We are getting old and,,,.
September 20th is Old people Day, this is Japanese holiday. Japanese government released a data. 1/4 of women in Japan is more than 65 yrs. Old. Can you believe it? It is 25.4% and 1/5 of men are same. These number is highest in history.
Eating sushi is decreasing.
This data from Mitzcan, vinegar company.
They asked housewives how often do they eat sushi. The answer was 1.4 times a month. The last year data was 2.0 times.
There are 4 ways to eat sushi but all data were down.
1~togo sushi from supermarket from 0.8 times to 0.5 times
2~Cheap sushi, belt conveyer sushi from 0.6 times to 0.5 times
3~making sushi at home from 0.5 times to 0.3 times
4~ Sushi restaurant It was same and 0.1 times.
We do not go to sushi restaurants often. It is very expensive in Japan. If you have 4 people in your family and go there, you have to spend $400 without drinks.
Most of our regular customers come weekly or bi-weekly. If I do not see them for a while, I say “Long time no see.”
IL state think prisoner releasing.
IL governor think of this. It is to cut cost. The government can save $5,000,000 for a year and try to release 1000 prisoners.
IL had this before and that was 2002. They tried to release 4500 prisoners at that time but did not because of complaint from many people.
I think death penalty is much easier for heavy crime like murder. In that way, China is easier than any other country. I think they do it as much as possible.
I do not think murder of single person. But more than 3 people should do it right away.
There is no excuse when someone kill many people. It is not accident and any other reason. Those people cannot come back to normal life.
I think murder rate will low down if some state do that.
People always say human rights or something like that. But there is no human rights someone kill people. If we live as a human being, we cannot kill anybody.
I am not agree with death penalty but better than releasing prisoners.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Okra tempura

Hey, Taka's healthy cooking time.
Okra tempura. But this is GA and can say "Popcorn Okra Japanese style".
Tempura is easy to make at your home.
We use tempurako, tempura flour and egg york.
Place tempura flour into the bowl and add egg york and cold water. It is like making pan cake.
Then add something you do tempura.
Then go into hot oil.
The cooking time is less than 2 minutes. Many vegetables are good for tempura, zucchini, egg plant, avocado, peppers, potatoes, carrot and more.

Tempura sauce is also easy to make if you have Japanese things.
Dashi,bonito and kelp broth 2 cups, Mirin 1 cup, soy sauce 1/2 cup, light color soy sauce 1/2 cup and add bonito flake and heat up. Stop fire before boil and strain. That's it.
keep cool it.

American people need to eat more healthy food.
If you are mother, you have to cook at your home. Your children will respect you.
If you are father, you have to cook on Sunday. Your family respect you.
And you can cook with your children, the like to do with you and learn from you.
Then they will teach their children when they become parents.

Tuna is not healthy all the time.

Look at this tuna. There are small holes. This is called sashi, tuna's disease. We normally remove these part.
I can say 90% of tuna have this.
You can guess wild tuna swim in the ocean and just like human beings. They don't have doctor there. But they have to survive.
I sometimes see worms inside of body. It is already dead.
It is like thin string.
I think this is the reason American doctor say to pregnant lady not to eat raw fish. But another reason is mercury. Tuna is almost end of food chain and save mercury.
I think yellow fin tuna don't have much sashi.
Bug eye tuna have more than other tuna.
This tuna's price is lower than normal because of this.

Big eye tuna sromach side

I got new tuna yesterday.
Our supplier has USDA Grade A. I think this company is the only one in Atlanta.
Anyway, the pink part(bright part) is oh-toro.
It is just stomach area. It is thick and has lines and chewy but has fat.
I make toro abuli, seared toro every time when I get good oh toro.
That's the best way to eat toro.
This toro is available next 3 days.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update September 14 2009
This week FISH
Our business was coming back a little. It was not bad last week.
I cut come fish because of saving cost. But most of fish are available.
It is as usual.

Japan Fest 2009
This is the biggest Japanese festival in Southeast. They have it at Gwinnett Arena from September 19-20th. (Saturday-Sunday)
Free ticket is still available. Let me know if you need it.
We have a Homepage.
We finally made our homepage at www.takasushiatlanta.com
My newspaper business associate made this. It is not bad. Please take a look.

Reducing restaurant expense.
This is from Alix Partners, consulting company.
Most of American families are cutting expenses and the top is restaurant expense. 88% are already cut it and 76% are thinking near future. And 40% of restaurants are facing bankrupt within a year. The dining room in Ritz Carlton just announced their closing date on October 1st.

Deflation is coming?
I believe deflation is coming near future. Or it has come already. We do not see 24 cans or bottles of beer anymore. I just reduced some of prices on restaurant menu. I will see it for a while and decide to reduce more. Just think, you paid 2 pieces of short rib for $9.00 before. Now you pay $5.00 for piece. And I change supplier and reduce price. There are many ways to reduce prices.

TAKA 375 Pharr Rd. Atlanta GA 30305 404-869-2802

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big eye tuna arrived!

This tuna is not bad. It just came today and was good start for after Labor Day.
You see 2 pictures, right? This is same tuna. The right one is no cut and the left one is after cut blood part. The blood part is called chiai. We normally dump. But it included with price.
I dump chiai and skin, these portion is 15% of tuna. So, I buy $16/lb tuba means actual price is almost $18.5/lb.
Some fish have bones and head we need to think about all of them.
Anyway, this tuna is great.
We reduced the price of all nigiri sushi because of bad economy. We cut fish 10% small and reduce price same% or more. We need to do something other wise it gets worse.
I am trying many ways to keep my business as normal.

Our new customer in the future

Elizabeth and Willie brought their new baby, Patten.
They used to come to eat almost every week.
It's been a while since they have gone for baby thing.
But they came back finally.
Most of our long time customers are almost family.
We know their life, drama and new activities.
They take care of us and we take care of them.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beets and Vegetables Salad

This is Taka's Cooking Class. We have to eat good food.
You need beets, carrot, potato, pickled cucumber, celery, edamame(if you like).
1, Boil beets, potato and carrots. I think about 25 minutes.
(Peel the skin of carrot.)
2, During cooking, you have to cut celery and cucumber in dice size.
3, Just wait boiled stuff are cool down. Then peel the skin of potato and beets. And cut in dice size.
4, Put everything is a large bowl. And add salt, olive oil, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.
5, Ready to eat. And you can keep this in the fridge next 3~4 days.
This is great for side dish, salad and more.
The idea came from Ms. Tatiana, Russian friend. She made for me similar one and I liked so much. I add edamamae and celery. You can add your favorite vegetables and make your own salad.
It is easy and reasonable and healthy.

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update September 09 2009
This week FISH
I will get good big eye tuna on Wednesday. Have you eaten sushi during holiday? I think you have not. There was no fish delivery at that period. I ate BBQ pork and BBQ beef. I started Ankimo, Monkfish liver pate. I think this is autumn and winter food.

Japan Fest 2009
This is the biggest Japanese festival in Southeast. They have it at Gwinnett Arena from September 19-20th. (Saturday-Sunday)
I might get free tickets soon. Please let me know if you are interested in. I got some offer. But I have many tickets this year.

Small portion is better?
I went to Costco the other day. They changed the portion of soft drinks. It was 3 dozens in a pack. But it was 2 dozens this time. Costco is struggling for the sales. I thought this decision was good thought for the customers. The can reduce shopping budget. I am thinking same way. I sell sushi less with less portion. I can do cut fish thinner and reduce price. What do you think? This might save our cost of living. I try this for nigiri sushi and sashimi.

Koreans Power
Do you know 1 out of 7 foreign country college students in the US is Korean? This number is growing year by year. In Korea, 84% of high school graduates go to collage. Japan is also high but only 53%. Then only 20% of college graduates can get job. Korea is class society now. So, Korean people escape from their country and stay in the US and get good jobs or start businesses. High education might guarantee good income.
If you see on Buford Hwy. or Lawrenceville area, you see it more and more.

Americans Life
Do you know how many years average Americans live? It is 77.9 years. Men live 75.3 years and women live 80.4 years. This is the highest in the history. But this number is the worst in advanced countries( Actually Japan is 1st place and America is 38th in the world.). And this number is lower than Cuba. People spend so much money for medical cost but does not work well.
The American journal of medicine reported this. Americans health condition is lower than 18 years ago. Obesity percentage has changed from 28% to 36%.
There are 5 basic rules for better healthy life.
1~ exercise , 2~ Eat fruits and vegetables, 3~ Keeping average weight, 4~ Control alcohol and 5~ No smoking. 15% of people were doing 18 years ago. And only 8% of people are doing now.
What is typical Americans food? These are hamburger, sand witch, pizza, fried chicken and ice cream. And most of them are fast food restaurant chains.
Do you buy frozen foods? Do you buy instant foods? Do you buy snacks? And do you buy big portions of soft drinks? America is class society and it goes everywhere. Rich people buy organic foods and vegetables and fruits. And poor people buy frozen foods, instant foods, big bottle of soft drinks and snacks. Believe or not, frozen foods sales is growing because of bad economy. It means this country produce more unhealthy people. And the government tries to provide national insurance system near future.
Have you had a word of calorie restriction ? It is 1600 kcal taken every day and eat vegetables mainly and live long. It does not give enough food for a while but also aging speed gets slow. That means people can live long.
Anyway, rich people get more healthy and poor people get more unhealthy. This is class society.
I think the problem is they do not know how to cook. One of example is okra.
I sometimes give okra to the customers. It is just boiled and soaked in tosazu vinegar.
But Southern people think okra is deep fried, and eat with heavy sauce.
Someone need to show new cooking, healthy cooking.
I am trying always. Check my blog, I sometimes show it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I need to show you bad tuna sometimes.

I think you guys think I always carry good tuna.
It is not easy to get good tuna.
I try to buy and carry it always.
But I have to sell bad one sometimes.
This tuna came a few days ago. It had small toro and was Ok for red meat. But some part was like a picture.
It was snot firm and kind of old people body.
I chop it for spicy tuna and use it.
Spicy tuna is a final destination of tuna.

My breakfast and lunch

I always say that we need to eat more vegetables and fruits.
This is the first time I show my meal.
Let's go with breakfast(right).
Apple, pineapple, white peach, mango with yogurt, cereals and raisin.
I sometimes take a coffee with milk but not always. Then I take multi vitamins, vitamin C, Q10 and something I need. I don't take vitamins everyday, almost 3-4 times a week.
My lunch is not much fun. I just started Healthy body soup which was Ox tail and vegetables soup. So, I heat up this and add udon noodle. I eat extra broccoli this time. That's it.
I don't like eating fresh salad but like eating warm vegetables. This soup contains onion, broccoli, garlic, ginger,tomato, zucchini, celery, carrot. It is hard to eat 8 different vegetables same time. But I can do that with soup.
Ox tail contains tons of gelatin and make skin smooth. I am not woman or gay but I take care of my skin because of my business, Sushi chef.
And I need to show my customers how I take care of my health condition and keeping my body young and beautiful. I will not go to see Plastic surgeon in the future. I eat good food and keep my body and skin well. Why don't you follow me?

The winner was Campbell family

It was Wednesday night. Campbell Family hit 50,000 ticket number.
We started from 49,997 on that day. It was slow start and suddenly several parties showed up.
Grant, Michele and Cole sat sushi bar. Of course we did not tell anything.
I realized when I saw order sheets but I did not say anything.
We showed the bill when they paid and surprised them.
I met Michele and Grant when I was at Soto in 1996. They were my first American friends in the U.S.. It has been 13 years. Congratulations!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Taylor Swift???

She is not Taylor Swift.
I actually didn't know who was Taylor.
Francisco, the left guy told me that.
He is my customer and dose stage job for Taylor.
I think she has a concert on Thursday at Gwinnett Arena.
Francisco should bring Taylor.
Anyway, he is a good guy. I've been known he almost 5 years.
He moved to LA for the job. But he still comes to Atlanta and to eat my sushi. Thanks.

Ankimo, Monkfish Liver Pate

It is Autumn and Ankomo Season is back.
Actually, we can have this all year around. But Ankimo is winter dish and I do not want to sell in hot summer. Am I right?
Do you know? I think you don't know how to make it. It is very easy.
1, Sprinkle salt on ankimo. And leave it for 30 minutes.
2, Wash with sake and clean.
3, Roll with bamboo mat and steam it.
4, Keep it cool.
That's it.