Monday, August 31, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update August 31 2009
This week FISH
I will not have a deal with Mirugai for a while. It is still expensive and cannot sell well.
We have Aoyagi Clam instead of it. Tuna is up and down. I combine with O2 tuna.
I will not have much fish this weekend because of Labor Day weekend.

Closing Information
We will be closed the business from September 6th- 8th.( Sunday- Tuesday)
We cannot fish from Japan during this period. Please do not eat sushi this period.

Japan Fest 2009
This is the biggest Japanese festival in Southeast. They have it at Gwinnett Arena from September 19-20th. (Saturday-Sunday)
I might get free tickets soon. Please let me know if you are interested in.

50,000 winner is coming very soon!
You can get a free dinner at TAKA. If your receipt number is 50,000, you can get it free.
The last ticket on Saturday night was 49,960. So, I can guess Tuesday or Wednesday.
Did you hit Mega Millions last week? Taka 50,000 is much much easier than Mega Millions.

Prevent DUI
Toyota invented Alcohol interlock system for automobiles. If a driver breathes and computer detect alcohol, engine does not start. It is test step right now but will be installed near future.

Japan will be No.3 at the end of this year.
It is from IMF.
It is said in 2010 but might be this year. If China GDP grows 8% and Japan GDP go down -3.5%, China will be 2nd inter world.
Japan has been No.2 since 1968. Germany was 2nd at that time.

22 spoons of sugar
This is from AHA(American heart association).
You guys are taking 22 spoons of sugar everyday. Over taking of sugar cause over weight, high blood pressure and cardiac. You need to reduce of taking sugar.
A can of coke or soft drinks includes 8 spoons of sugar and it means 130kcal of sugar.
If you like coke, diet coke is better. But diet coke use chemical sugar. Someone told me it was poison sugar. But which one is better? I take chemical sugar. Anyway I do not drink coke everyday and maybe once or twice a week.
AHA recommends eating fruits, vegetables and lean meat and fish.
Also they says 9 spoons of sugar for men, 6 spoon of it for women is fine.
Cancer and food
This is from Tokyo.
Even as Japanese, a high incidence of colorectal cancer Japanese American people. Colorectal cancer has been increasing rapidly due to westernized eating habits in Japan.
So, what do we have to eat? It is vegetables and fruits. They are good prevention against any cancers.
Japanese women breast cancer rate is lower than American women. It is because Japanese women eat soy beans more than American. Seaweed, kelp, potato, beans are really good.
On the other hand, over taking of salt, meat and animal fat are really bad.
If you change your eating habit, you can reduce cancer risk about 30-40%.
Do it now!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Different fish, Different cooking ways

I showed you 2-3 days ago.
There were 3 fish heads.
I cooked 2 of them today. But it was not same way.
I cooked Kurodai, Black Porgy with light miso.
And I cooked Kinmedai, Alfoncino with heavy sweet dashi.
Each fish has own cooking.

GF, Gluten Free Soysauce

We have so many customer with Celeriac Disease.
Those people cannot eat something with wheat.
Soy sauce is made with soy bean but also contains wheat.
We have gluten free soy sauce.
I thought we did not have those people before.
But I don't know why but so many people have allergy with something.
I believe because of oil related products and chemical products are around us always.
We need to have natural life.It is simple. If you wear T-shirts, buy cotton 100% only.
It does not harm our body.
Please ask us if you have any problem with allergy.

Hamachi kama Texas Cut?

This is hamachi Kama, yellow tail collar.
We grill it. Our regular customers always order.
I used to cut straight between stomach side and back side.
But back side had bones and could not use much.
So I decided to leave back side.
And I cut like a picture.
Do you think this is like Texas because I cut 90 degree at top place?
Anyway, our hamachi kama is bigger than other places.
It is because TEXAS CUT.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fish egg, roe

I am happy when I see roe in the fish.
It is same as chicken egg, means has vitamin D.
I sometimes use this for sauce of fish.
And I always cook like this, never use as raw.
The left is from Tachi-uo and the right id from Kinmedai.
It is fun to see the, right?

Which head do you like?

Oh, common. You don't like this? It is yummy.
The left is Kinmedai, Alfonsino. The middle is Tachi-uo, Belt fish and the last one is Kurodai, Black porgy.
These are all common.
It is not farm-raised, is wild caught. That's why I want you eat head.
There are good meat around back neck.
You can eat eyeball of kinmedai.
Fish head can make great soup.
I prefer to eat this when I get sick, winter time.
let me know when you are ready.

Tachi-uo, Belt fish

This is Tachi-uo, belt fish. But real name is largehead hairtail.
This one is almost 40 inches. My waist size is only 30. This belt is too big for me.
It is nice silver color and meat is white and firm.
The texture is similar to Black porgy but more feeling muscle.

It is available for next 3-4 days. It is very expensive fish but we do promotion price. Enjoy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update August 24 2009
This week FISH
New fish! Tachiuo, Largehead hairtail is coming on Tuesday. I used to eat this when I was childhood. The body is silver and the name comes from the body’s shape is like samurai sword. This silver color was used for fake pearl or material of manicure.
Tuna supply is OK. Mirugai, Geoduck is very expensive. Please check my blog on Wednesday for Tashiuo.

Closing Information
We will be closed the business from September 6th- 8th.( Sunday- Tuesday)
We cannot fish from Japan during this period. Please do not eat sushi this period.

Japan Fest 2009
This is the biggest Japanese festival in Southeast. They have it at Gwinnett Arena from September 19-20th. (Saturday-Sunday)
I might get free tickets soon. Please let me know if you are interested in.
A; Women arrest more in DUI
This is from FBI. Women’s DUI was increased almost 40% in last 10 years. Men’s arrest was 7.5% down in same period. So far, 20% of DUI is women.

B: Bad weather ad vegetables price.
This is from Japan.
It is because of global warming and weather mechanism has broken already. We had so many rain this summer and could not get sunny days as usual. So, vegetable price went up. Potato was 40%, tomato was 25%, carrot was 20% higher than last year. Autumn is great harvest season and more bad news is coming. We will get apple, orange and persimmon very soon but taste is not guarantee. To get delicious fruits, less water and more sunshine are needed. But this summer was just opposite. They had much rain and less sunshine. So fruits might be watery and less sweetness.

C: Do not eat your food with over weight people.
This is from New York State University.
They researched 9-15 years old children. If they know each other, they eat more.
If they eat with over weight children, they eat more.
What is the point? If you would like to lose weight, do not eat with over weight people around you. You have to eat with skinny people. And you have to eat with stranger, you cannot eat much and can lose weight.
Take me to the dinner, I am only 158LB now.

D: Lions will be gone in Kenya next 20 years.
This is from the government of Kenya.
It is because of climate change, ruin of living space, disease and killing by human beings. Lion is the top 5 popular animals in Kenya. Those are Lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros. They had 2749 lions in 2002 but 2000 last year. The number is decreasing 100 every year.

E: Send future leaders to unpopulated islands.
This is from Nissin food, Cup noodle company.
Nissin has a unique corporate training for young executives. The company send them to an unpopulated island for 3 days. They can bring chicken ramen noodle, water, flour and vinyl sheet. They need to gather firewood and have to make fire by themselves. Nissin has been doing this training for 3 years.

F: Coca Cola flavor tooth paste?
This is from Japan.
People can choose a tooth paste from 100 flavors at one of stores in Tokyo. The price range is from $2-$36.
Margaret Josephine is toothpaste maker in Osaka. They produce 31 flavor tooth paste. Is this just like ice cream?
Some people buy this for a gift. So what flavor is selling well?
1, coke flavor 2, Curry flavor 3, bitter chocolate 4, Rose 5, Grapefruits.

G: Vitamin Water is popular in T okyo.
This is from Tokyo.
Have you tasted Vitamin water? I did a couple times but not any more.
They started to sell on July 7th this year. It is colorful and visual effect, people buy it. Japanese people think it is fashionable drink.
It reminds me Pringle, potato chips. That was around 1992. It was the first time to get Pringle in Japan. It sold well. Japanese like something new. They like something from New York. I do not know where Vitamin Water comes. But this article says it is from New York. I know Coca Cola company bought this company. Coca Cola has tons of vending machines in all over Japan and makes good money. Most of Coca Cola company executives worked at Coca Cola Japan for company training.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mirugai, Geoduck

This is a whole mirugai, geoduck. I haven't gotten for 2 weeks.
The reason was price. I asked our suppluer and he told me that because of short supply.
The weight is 4.3lb and the price is $85. But this price include shell, something inside of body. We only can use outside of shell part for sushi and real price is more than double.
Asian like this shell fish. It is crunchy but sweet flavor. Some American also like, maybe 10% of our customer.
So, I never made money from Mirugai. But We need to carry this item for sushi.

New fish? Yes, I will get Tachi-uo, Largehead hair tail. It is just like samurai sword. Tachi means samurai sword. The color is silver and very beautiful. And the price is very high. It is almost $50/lb. But this is good PR for you. I need to introduce something you don't know.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Myoga is available.

You don't know what is this? This is myoga and we eat flower.
It looks like sprouts but this part is flower and white flower comes out from the top.
Myoga is a kind of ginger. But myoga is use as fresh. If we cook myoga, the flavor decrease. But ginger is good for both fresh and cook.
It is available for a while. I normally serve with sashimi.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update August 17 2009
This week FISH
MLB, NFL and Paul killed our business on Saturday.
We had really good tuna last week.
Everythin is back to nomal.
All fish are fine.

Low Sodium?
This is from Journal of General Internal Medicine. Low sodium food is not great for heat. This research was from 1988~1994 for 8700 Americans. Many people think excessive intake of salt is bad for health. It is true but it relates with high blood pressure. It is doubt for normal blood pressure people. If you are intolerance to cold, you have to take salt.
Please check your blood pressure and decide it.

Aloe Vera is great.
I have been eating aloe vera since last week. I knew so many aloe vera products at Asian farmers Market. And I found the best one.
ALOE VERA – A VERSATILE AND VALUABLE PLANTAloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the most potent) is one amazing plant. It has been valued by communities across the globe for centuries. Its aliases give you a clue as to why. Natural Healer. Miracle Plant. The Burn Plant. Wand of Heaven. The Potted Physician. And so on.The plant has spiky leaves with a tough rind surrounding an outer sap layer and an inner gel layer.Aloe Vera is a succulent but don’t be fooled. While the gel is brilliant to take internally and externally, it is an acquired taste as a drink. A friend described it as unpalatable at best and downright disgusting at worst. I quite like it, but then I like raw lemon, curly kale and mustard sandwiches. So what do people use it for? One area where people find relief with symptoms is problems with the epithelial tissue (skin and body linings, in the gut and the bronchial tubes for example). These include ulcers, burns, eczema, acne and psoriasis. It also includes some bowel problems, including diverticulits and irritable bowel. Aloe vera gel contains lignin, which allows the healing properties to penetrate deep into the layers of skin.The other main area of benefit is symptoms arising from weakened, heightened or inappropriate immune responses, such as rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.We live in age like no other before us. Since the 1950s we have been subject to intensive farming and the ‘miracle’ of modern medicine. Food contains fewer nutrients, even the good stuff. Pollutants (including those free radicals – ban barbies now!) have increased and our bodies have been the playground of steroids and antibiotics. Quite a change from the conditions most bodies have contended with since caveman days. And only a few decades to adapt in. No wonder we fail in droves, succumbing to physical and emotional stress.One thing aloe vera gel can do in spades is to provide missing nutrients – and some useful side effects. It contains:antioxidant vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E to soak up those free radicalsvitamin B12essential minerals including zinc and copperanti-inflammatory plant sterols and enzymessaporins, which fight bacteria, fungi and yeastssugars that have been seen to have a beneficial effect on the working of the immune systemamino acids that the body needs but cannot generate – that means you’ve got to eat themnatural painkilling elementsBut don’t go rushing out to buy an aloe vera plant and expect to be able to cure all your ills. As with all complementary herbal remedies, results differ.I have spoken to people who have had wonderful relief but also some who have seen no benefit (no worsening of symptoms but no benefit). Because aloe vera gel has such a wide range of uses, specialist products have been developed for a large number of these. The gel in the aloe vera leaf can be used in its natural state and is excellent but will oxidise quickly – cut the leaf and you will soon see that it has started to heal over and the cut piece starts to go brown. You can buy stabilised aloe vera gel but should make sure that the gel is the main ingredient rather than water and that the product carries the seal of the International Aloe Science Council.Aloe vera gel is a great general tonic and an amazing first aid kit. People drink it themselves and give it to their pets. They keep it by the stove for burns and in the car to treat sunburn and insect bites. It is used for personal care in all its forms – washing, shampooing, cleaning teeth – even as a softener in hankies, tights and knickers!It is also used in cosmetics and for cleaning in the home.I think you’ll be hearing a lot more about the powers of this plant in the future.

You can see the products at my blog. I eat it everyday. It is $1 per pack. I tried aloe drink but not much meat in it. This is the best I believe. We cannot eat aloe plant because taste is bad. But this product is good to eat.
And we are serving this for our dessert.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Tuna for this weekend

There is no much say for this tuna.
It is jut too good.
Just come and eat.
Our buying price is not bad.
So, we can provide you reasonable price.
Actually, I never over charged to my customers.
It is my pride and Japanese job.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update August 10 2009
This week FISH
It was good start for Kurodai, new fish from Japan last week. It will come tomorrow and Thursday. Farm raised fish cannot beat wild caught fish.
New tuna is coming to today. It is big eye tuna. I have tuna news.
Al other fish are same as usual.

Protecting blue fin tuna
Blue fin tuna will be a part of Washington Treaty near future. EU is thinking about this. Blue fin tuna is moving around from Boston area to Spain and Mediterranean sea. So far, France, England, Germany and Holland support this. They have a meeting next March and it will be adopted to prohibit the import and export. Most of tuna caught there go to Japan. 60% of Blue fin tuna consumption in Japan is from EU area.

AC makes your body cold.
I hate to go to mall. It is very cold. I have no idea why they set A temperature like low level. You know, outside is really hot today and inside is very cold. Our body need to be match those temperature difference. Some people use blankets in the office, wear ski socks, long sleeve clothing and more. Why don’t we warm our body from inside. It is very easy to do that. Tea and fresh grated ginger is the best and add honey or black sugar. And get your feel warm before you go to bed. You can sleep well. It is called foot bath.

I got a new word “ delinquent”.
I had no idea of this word. I was working for refinance. My mortgage broker told me I had some property tax issue in 2005. I sold a former house in that year. I called Fulton Co, office and found. They gave me a different number and I called again. And I found delinquent. But it was paid in 2007. But the record still showed like this. I went to downtown this morning and cleaned up. I went to delinquent division and told someone. He took me to the office and went to the court next building. It is over.
How ridiculous thing! I wasted of my time and $3 of parking fee. I never forget about this word and never use this.

TAKA 375 Pharr Rd. Atlanta GA 30305 404-869-2802

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Future customers

Hey, these are my future customers. I don't know when they start to eat sushi.
But they will. What a nice T-shirts.
I make T-shirts every year and give to babies for their good luck.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This weekend's tuna

I got new tuna today. It was big eye. The price was same as last week.
You can tell this quality by watch.
It is just beautiful, no artificial color added.
It is available all this weekend.

Black Porgy, Kurodai

This is Black porgy, Kuro-Dai.
The meaning of Kurodai is Black snapper.
I used to carry Sea bream which was a family of red snapper.
Then I switched to Striped Beak. Then I carry this fish.
This is wold caught and price is not bad. I used to catch black porgy when I was young.
They had a lots in my home town, Hiroshima. So we could catch from pier.
Meat is almost same as snapper. But the point is wild caught, very tight meat is yummy.
It is available almost everyday.

Monday, August 3, 2009

2 potato dishes

Do you like potato? Yes, Americans like potato. I know Idaho is a headquarter of that.
What kind of potato dish you eat? I think French fries, mush potato and baked potato.
How about Japanese dishes? I made potato croquette and potato salad.
Potato croquette is very popular in Japan. We do with ground beef some times.
Basically, we make it with carrot, onion. Then coating with panko, bread clum and deep fry.
So, outside is crispy and inside is soft. I tried many times but my customers never ordered.
Is this because of deep fried?
So, how about healthy potato? Potato salad is very easy dish in Japan.
It is healthy and delicious. You can ask me anytime for tasting.
Cook potato and carrot and peel them. Mush them and cool down. Slice cucumber and add salt and pickle for 10 minutes. Slice apple and soak in salt water. And take it from water. Squeeze cucumber and take water. Mix together with potato, carrot. Add salt, pepper, Japanese mayonnaise. That's it. Ready to eat.
I gave one of regular customer last night. It was father and daughter. They did not touch at all.
So, I realized they did not know what kind of food was that.
Americans like hot potato like mush potato, french fries and baked potato. Are they healthy? I don't think so. But they don't know cold potato salad.
I changed my plan. I gave to tiny portion of it to the sushi bar customers. They loved it. And Dr. J family came. I gave it. They ate all of them and asked me more.
It is delicious and goo matching for hot summer. Just ask me for tasting. And you can make this at your home. Your kids love it. This is also Izakaya menu, we love it.
Atlanta is getting Internationalizing but people mind is still behind. Go West, guys!