Monday, June 29, 2009

Taka's Updarte

Taka’s Update June 29 2009
This week FISH
I will get big eye tuna on Tuesday. It is July 4th week and most of fishermen don’t go fishing. And it is very hard to get good tuna.
I tried Pike eel and Striped beak last week. Both were sold out in a couple of days.
I will get Striped beak again this week. Actually, I will take Striped beak instead of Sea Bream. The reason is very simple. The taste is big difference. Striped beak is wild caught and Sea Bream is farm raised. The price is also different but I choose better taste. I also start Kohada, Gizzard Shad from next week. I tried last week and was good.

A: Bonus season
National government workers got summer bonus. Bonus is a part of salary in Japan and we get 2 times a year. A prime minister also got a bonus and the amount was $55,000. But all cabinet members returned 20% because of bad economy. An average national government workers bonus was $6000.
So, how people use a big money? There are top5 . 1. Flat screen TV, 2. Energy save electoronics, 3. Shopping at outlet malls, 4. Note book PC, 5. Overseas travel.

B: Medical reform
This is from The Economist in London.
What is wrong with America’s health-care system is the easy part. Even though one dollar in every six generated by the world’s richest economy is spent on health—almost twice the average for rich countries—infant mortality, life expectancy and survival-rates for heart attacks are all worse than the OECD average. Meanwhile, because health insurance is so expensive, nearly 50m Americans, an obscene number in such a rich place, have none; those that are insured pay through the nose for their cover, and often find it bankruptingly inadequate if they get seriously ill or injured.
The costs of health care hurt America in three other ways. First, since half the population (most children, the very poor, the old, public-sector workers) get their health care via the government, the burden on the taxpayer is heavier than it needs to be, and is slowly but surely eating up federal and state budgets. Second, private insurance schemes are a huge problem for employers: the cost of health insurance helped bring down GM, and many smaller firms are giving up covering employees. Third, expensive premiums depress workers’ wages.
Every rich country faces some of these problems, but nobody suffers worse from them than America. This summer’s debate about health care may determine the success of Barack Obama’s presidency. What should he do?
If he were starting from scratch, there would be a strong case (even to a newspaper as economically liberal as this one) for a system based mostly around publicly funded health care. But America is not starting from scratch, and none of the plans in Congress shows an appetite for such a European solution. America wants to keep a mostly private system—but one that brings in the uninsured and cuts costs. That will be painful, and require more audacity than MrPresid Obama has shown so far.
The uninsured are the relatively straightforward bit. All you need do is “mandate” everyone to take out health insurance, much as drivers are legally required to have car insurance. Poorer Americans would get subsidies, and (as with car insurance) insurance-providers would be forced to offer affordable plans and not exclude the sick or the old. This has already happened in Massachusetts as well as in a raft of countries, including the Netherlands, Israel and Singapore. All the main proposals now working their way through Congress include some version of a mandate. Mr Obama opposed a mandate on the campaign trail, but since he has not come up with any plausible alternative, he should quietly swallow one.
The snag is that all these subsidies are expensive. Those congressional plans might cost $1.2 trillion to $1.6 trillion over ten years: the White House is feverishly trying to massage the estimates downward, as well as working out how to plug the hole through various savings and tax increases. But the sticker-shock for the mandate is really just a reflection of the second big problem: the overall cost structure of American health care. Indeed, one of the worst things about Mr Obama’s oddly hands-off approach to health reform is that he is concentrating on a symptom, not the underlying disease.
A bolder president would start by attacking two huge distortions that make American health care more expensive than it needs to be. The first is that employer-provided health-care packages are tax-deductible. This is unfair to those without such insurance, who still have to subsidise it via their taxes. It also encourages gold-plated insurance schemes, since their full cost is not transparent. This tax break costs the government at least $250 billion a year. Mr Obama still shies away from axing it, as do the main congressional plans on offer; but it ought to go (albeit perhaps in stages).
The second big distortion is that most doctors in America work on a fee-for-service basis; the more pills they prescribe, or tests they order, or procedures they perform, the more money they get—even though there is abundant clinical evidence that more spending does not reliably lead to better outcomes. Private providers everywhere are vulnerable to this perverse incentive, but in America, where most health care is delivered by the private sector rather than by salaried public-sector staff, the problem is worse than anywhere else.
The trouble is that many Americans are understandably happy with all-you-can-eat health care, which allows them to see any doctor they like and get any test that they are talked into thinking they need. Forcing people into “managed” health schemes, where some species of bureaucrat decides which treatments are cost-effective, is politically toxic; it was the central tenet of Hillary Clinton’s disastrous failed reform in 1994.
But to some extent it will have to be done. There is solid evidence to suggest that by cutting back on unnecessarily expensive procedures and prescriptions, anything from 10% to 30% of health costs could be saved: a gigantic sum. The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and the California-based Kaiser Permanente system have shown that it is possible to save money and produce better outcomes at the same time. So reform must aim to encourage more use of managed health care, provided by doctors who are salaried, or paid by results rather than for every catheter they insert. Medicare, the government-run insurance scheme for those over 65, could show the way, by making much more use of results-based schemes and encouraging more competition among its various providers and insurers.
But in the end it will be up to the private health-care system. One thing that should be unleashed immediately is antitrust: on a local level many hospitals and doctors work as price-fixing cabals. Another option, favoured by many Democrats and the president, is for the government to step in with a results-based plan of its own, to compete against the private industry. That could harm innovation and distort the market further. Mr Obama should use it as a threat, rather than implement it now. If the private sector does not meet certain cost-cutting targets in, say, five years, a public-sector plan should automatically kick in. Such a prospect would encourage hospitals and doctors to accept a painful but necessary reform now.

C: Strange weather and water problem.
I always care about this problem.
First of all, it is from Indonesia. Subsidence due to groundwater pumping is a big problem in Jakarta, a capital of Indonesia. It ‘s been since 1995. And ground is sinking 4-5 inches every year. They are in tropical climate and can get rain everyday. But so many people live in Jakarta and need more water. The government raised the price of ground water 6 times and try to suppress the demand.
Second , it is from Russia. Russian government gave a warning. St. Petersburg and other cities facing Finland Bay might be under the water around 2050-2070. Russia’s January temperature was3-4C higher in 100 years. They also say that Holland and West Coast in the US are facing same problem.
Water is called Oil in 21st century. We cannot survive without water and food.

Closed Information: We will be closed from July4th- 7th. ( Saturday-Tuesday)  
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something new for this weekend.

I already sent you a newsletter on Tuesday.
They came on today.
Ishidai, striped beak. This is wild caught. I think very nice white meat texture.
And Hamo, Pike eel. Pike eel means Kyoto Summer dish. I make sushi with this.
SO, you don't need to go to kyoto with spending $2000. Come to Taka and eat like you are in Kyoto.
Both are available until Saturday.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grilled paradise Shrimp

I finally found the best way of cooking,
This is paradise shrimp
I sold as sushi. But grill is better sometimes.
Cut the back and stuff crab meat ands sea urchin.
I just sautee with olive oil.

Taka's Updarte

Taka’s Update June 23 2009
This week FISH
Summer Special
Pike eel, Hamo is coming on Thursday. Hamo is very famous fish in summer. Summer dish in Kyoto means Hamo. Hamo has so many bones and need to cut by knife. I try to make sushi with pickled plume paste and shiso.
Also, I get Striped beak fish, Ishidai. Ishidai sounds like a group pf snapper. This is wild and expecting nice texture of white meat. Ishidai eat shellfish and small fish.
I have to try something new otherwise my life is bored.
I will show you the pictures when it comes.

Car is changing.
Nissan just released that they sell EV(Electric vehicle) in next Autumn. And the price will be lower than $20,000. Subaru and Mitsubishi start to sell EV in next month in Japan but the price is more than $30,000. And they make only 1400 cars a year. Nissan is thinking to produce more than 50,000 cars a year and try to deduce cost. As you know, Toyota is so far No.1 for Hybrid car and Honda is chasing. If Nissan want to beat them, Nissan need to fight in different field. EV can make zero emission and future might be bright.
Toyota’s new Prius has 140,000 orders right now and buyers need to wait at least 6 months.
New Prius has solar panel on roof. This solar battery activate ceiling fan when car is parked. So, inside of car is cool always. It is good for summer time.
I sometimes feel like this. We are living in the USA. And we are ruing world environment. I have 3 cars now. But I will sell one of them soon. Everybody drives car here in Atlanta. Highways are packed sometimes. They make so many accidents. We like big cars, And how many people on board, a driver only. This is waste, just waste. Why we need to buy a big car? Is it because we need to show the power of money? It is time to change our life. Do you own a big house? How many people live there? How much power bill pay every month and how much gas bill pay every winter? We need to change our life style to protect our future. I don’t say all of us are bad, but at least I feel most of us ruin environment.
This is one of the reason that I leave this country near future. I want to be more nice to environment.

Closed Information: We will be closed from July4th- 7th. ( Saturday-Tuesday) 
TAKA 375 Pharr Rd. Atlanta GA 30305

Saturday, June 20, 2009

O2 Tuna

I got new tuna from Philippine. It is called O2 Tuna.
The kind of tuna is yellow fin but color is very close to big eye.
See the picture. The big one is big eye and small one( wider) is yellow fin.
This is frozen tuna but not like frozen. Why? It is Japanese technology. They catch tuna and bring to the factory and cut. Then, they apply O2 and tuna color get red. No chemical and no color applied.
The freeze very cold, is called super frozen.
I know frozen tuna make a lot of juice when defrost. But this tuna is different.
So, it is worth to deal. And I feel this tuna will be sushi restaurant's future.
They catch only big size tuna and Philippine is great place to catch tuna, also can catch all season. Yellow fin tuna is not in danger and can catch.
I just got sample this time. But it will come in July or August.
And I place 2 different tuna on the menu.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taka's Update June 15

Taka’s Update June 15 2009

I was doing PC back up. It took almost 1 day. Oh, come on! HP's PC is not great for back up. I had Acer PC. I bought it in April and broke last week. Acer's monitor is great and I have 2 of it. But I will not buy PC from Acer.

This week FISH
It was slow weekdays and I did not buy much fish. But weekend business was great. Most of fish were sold out and had to close early.
So, I have many fresh fish on today. I cut tuna today and was almost same quality as last week. Iwashi, Sardine was popular and easy to sell. Iwashi is summer fish. It is very close to Aji. You can try this week. It will come on tomorrow.
I think many people have prejudice against sardine. It is not ordinary sardine. It is Japanese sardine. It should be great taste. I ate and it was great.

95 %of women don’t take enough calcium.
This is from DANONE Japan.
Calcium is called “silent minerals” It does not show bad result quick. But it will be a big problem in the future.
Women need to take 6-700g of calcium daily. Who need to take calcium? If you are skinny, you have to take. If you skip breakfast or eat fast food, you have to take .

There are 4 points of taking calcium.
1, Daily, milk or yogurt are easy way to take calcium.
2, Light food help taking calcium. If you eat sodium, calcium goes away with your pee.
3, Vitamin D helps keeping calcium. If you get sunburn, our skin make vitamin D.
4, Eat small fish. Small fish contains tiny bones. It helps your body.
Small fish? Iwashi and Aji are great.   

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something NEW!

All right, let;s go from shrimp. You know Ama-ebi, Sweet shrimp. That is below. A top one is called Paradise shrimp from New Caledonia. We can eat this in raw. I think it comes from a little bit deep ocean. The color is blue and called blue shrimp.
I tasted it. It is sweet and has a crunchy texture. So this shrimp is just between regular shrimp and sweet shrimp.
Next? Iwasshi, Sardine. This is coming from Japan. A top picture is Aji, jackfish.
Iwashi and aji are almost same size. Both are food for tuna and sea lion at water parks.
I think this is a kind of bluefish. meat is almost same as aji but a little bit different.
You have to taste and feel it.
Iwashi has so many small bones but eatable. But it stuck sometimes. Chew well.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kids Sushi Party?

We had a kids sushi birthday party the other day.

Isabells just became 9 years old. Kurt and Victoria (parents) decided to have sushi party. It was Saturday lunch.

I taught them (about 12 kids) how to make temaki, hand roll. They made their favorite rolls.

I normally don't work on Saturday lunch but Ok for a special occasion.

If you would like to have it, let me know.

My Plants are growing.

Finally, I picked peppers today. It passed 2 months after I planted. I also picked grape tomato on same day.

But I could not make cabbage. I saw so many holes on leaf and realized that very hard to make it. And I didn't want to use any chemical for cabbage. So, I decided to pick the plants and dump.

Shiso, Japanese mint is also growing.

I helps my summer budget. It is fun to make vegetables when I see small fruits.

Taka's Update June 08

Taka’s Update June 08 2009

This Week FISH
I have good tuna from last week. This is one of the best of this season. To be honest, I have 1 or 2 good tuna every week. Tuna is a little bit over supply because of bad economy. I just read an article in Tokyo Market. They cannot sell all tuna in auction. It never happened before. People buy cheap fish and try not to eat expensive one, like tuna. All other fish are same. Sardine is coming on tomorrow instead of halfbeak.

Smile and be happy.
This is from Experimental Biology 2009. Smile makes good effect against diabetes. The standard is 30 minutes smile a day. They researched patients with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. They chose funny videos and asked them watched 20 minutes a day. In a year, they checked blood test every 2 months. And they found great improvement. If you smile, you can make good face and avoid wrinkle. How about watching a new movie, Hang over?

IRS is coming to me.
IRS is coming to TAKA on Thursday. I welcome Santa Clouse and girls but not this one.
I feel a little bit blue. But I just want to be honest and pay if I need to. My money might save someone in trouble.

Finally, having a meeting with a landlord
I will have a meeting with landlord on Wednesday. I will sign another 3 or 5 years. I will leave this country by 2015. Why the year of 2025? It is my 20 years staying in the US. 20 years is enough and need to change my life. I have no regret to come to America. And I am looking for something new in growing Asia. I feel and smell something there. I am a tuna, I have to swim all the time otherwise I die.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Food Safety and more

Taka’s Update June 02 2009

Summer Warning
Summer is very dangerous for sushi. This is a true story. I made sushi for my party on Saturday. I was thinking to eat on Sunday because of 25 people golf party. I made inari sushi which was sushi rice and marinated deep fried tofu skin. I made this many times and ate next day. There was no problem, never and never. But it happened yesterday. It was already bad at 4pm and I dumped. I think because of high temperature and wrapping. It was around 65F in winter time and was 80F yesterday. I really felt bad. And this is very scary. I think all foods are same. Temperature is a kind of keys. But sushi cannot keep below 41F. You see sushi is sold in supermarkets. How do they keep it? It is around 41F. What is wrong with 41F? The answer is rice. You cannot eat chilly rice. The best sushi should be cold fish and earlobe temperature rice. Rice should be warm. But FDA doesn’t allow this. They match temperature with fish. There is no problem with cold fish but it kills rice taste. Anyway, I need to be very careful about food in summer.

How fresh our fish?
Many people say fresh and not fresh. So how much fresh is our fish? I asked our supplier which is the world largest fish wholesaler. Most of sushi restaurants here in Atlanta buy fish from them. But many people don’t know about this. I didn’t know until I asked.
Let’s say we can get fish from Japan 2 times a week. It is Tuesday and Thursday. I didn’t ask about Thursday delivery but asked about Tuesday delivery. Where was fish? It was in the ocean and someone caught and shipped to fish market. Fish market got orders and packed and shipped to the airport. Then it flew to Atlanta. FDA inspected fish and our supplier could get it. And it delivered us. So, how many days passed? I was really surprised.

Saturday – Fish market pack fish
Sunday – air cargo fly to Atlanta
Monday – It arrive in Atlanta and FDA inspect
Tuesday – Delivery to restaurants

I guess most of fish were caught on Friday or Thursday. Some fish were live, some were dead. If we sell those fish on Tuesday, those are 4 days after catch. We need to sell ASAP.
If we have holiday on Monday, FDA inspect on Tuesday and delivery is on Wednesday. So you understood why I closed restaurant last Tuesday.
Dealing with fresh fish is not easy. I sometimes feel that I don’t sell fish and I rotate fish because new fish is coming soon. I think 7 days is fine and no problem to eat. But fresh is always better.
Everybody needs to be careful for food safety. Thanks.

Taka's Update June 01

Taka’s Update June 01 2009

This weekend Fish
I will get new tuna on today. It is big eye tuna. So far tuna supply is not bad. Sayori, halfbeak is the end of season. I will get 2 times this week and not any more. So, I decided to get Iwashi, sardine. This tiny fish contain EPA and DHA. It will start from next Tuesday.

Highbrid car war in Japan.
Honda will sell Fit highbrid next year. The engine is 1300cc and the price will be around $15,000. Toyota’s new Prius sells well in Japan and customers need to wait at least 6 months now. The proportion of new highbrid cars in Japan will be 20% by the year of 2011.

Meat intake and mortality
This is from Archives of Internal medicine.Meat intake in relation to total mortality and deaths due to cancer, cardiovascular disease, unintentional injury and sudden death, and other causes were evaluated in a study of half a million people aged 50 to 71 years. There were 47 976 male deaths and 23 276 female deaths during 10 years of follow-up. Men and women in the highest vs lowest quintile of red and processed meat intake had modest elevated risks for overall mortality, as well as cancer and cardiovascular disease deaths. In contrast, there was an inverse association for total mortality and cancer mortality, as well as deaths due to other causes, for both men and women in the highest quintile of white meat intake. These results complement the recommendations by the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund to reduce red and processed meat intake to decrease cancer incidence. Future research should investigate the relation between subtypes of meat and specific causes of mortality.
More detail?

Need to be careful for burned meat.
This is from AACR annual meeting.
It is high possibility of liver cancer risk when you eat burned meat. So pan fried beef is Ok but don’t cook too much. When you see the black or brown on meat surface, it is the sign of cancer and producing carcinogen.
The say grill or BBQ are also not good idea. In that way, using oven or stew are fine because cannot get burn. I know many Americans cook BBQ in summer time. Please cook with small fire and take time to avoid burned meat and get cancer.

I had a break-in on Friday morning. It happened at 4:40am We know who was a suspect. The guy is probably 35 years old black male. he came previous night by himself. He watched the patio and left without eating. I paid $240 for fixing glass door. He stole a cash box. It was locked and only 2 dollars in it. He will be punished by the God near future. So many crimes are going on this city. I am very tired about this kind is things.