Friday, May 29, 2009

Weight Loss Program Result

I already finished my weight loss program. It was a small success. I went to 162 lb and stopped.
It was 168 at the beginning and 162 at the ending was not bad.
The keys are below.
1, Scale your weight at least 3 time a day. You can become more sensitive for a little gain.
2, Don't eat much at late night. You should not eat anything after 10pm.
3, Beer is OK. American beer is not beer and help to fill hungry stomach.
4, Mind control is important. Brain is hungry and stomach is not hungry.
5, Get sweat everyday and drink water or oolong tea.
6, Skip meat and rice, bread but eat vegetables and soup.
7, Your strong will can support your target.

By the way, do you have kids? Read below.
Prevention for kids over weight

1, Go to bed early and wake up early.It is vacation time but do the same as normal.
2, Eat 3 meals equal. Avoid meat and try to eat fish and Japanese food.
3, Avoid soft food like fast food. You need to chew and make jaw grow.
4, Go outside and move body. Walking, Running are great.
5, Eat with all family.

I always say that our body is not like a glass. It is like a balloon. When we eat 100, it is full. And when we eat 110, it flow over. But a balloon is diff rent. It is stretchable. So, You can eat 110, 120, 130. But It gets heavy and heavy and will burst in the future.
Big bodies looks good? But it give many burdens against everything. Our bones, heart, blood pressure and more. Then, we get diabetes eventually.
Good food is more expensive than bad food. It costs you a lot. But how about this? You get sick and got to see a doctor and pay tons of money near future. You might cut legs, use a wheel chair. You never know. That's why we need to be in good shape. This money saving for the future.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Cat head in the restaurant?

Oh my God. I just finished a special birthday for my customer. We were hungry and I asked my staff to go to M restaurant in Chamblee. They said NO.
They told me this. This Chinese restaurant got a health inspection. The inspector found a cat head in a trash box. So, where was a body? They immediately shut down this restaurant and were investigating the body.
I know Chinese eat everything move. I cannot eat cat or dog.
Do they use meat for something cook? Or they just use it for broth. I have no idea.
I used to go there sometimes but not any more.
Actually, the former owner sold the business and a new owner is doing business for a while.
At that time, they made around $6000 everyday and cash only.
I thought the former owner made enough money and moved back to China or Hong Kong.
I don't eat much Chinese or Korean recently. Most of them use MSG and that makes me a headache.

I did not confirm this by myself. I heard from Indonesian staffs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Taka's Update May 21st.

Taka’s Update May 21 2009

This is 2nd time of this week because I will not send next week.

This weekend Fish
I got very good tuna yesterday. It is available all this weekend.
We will be closed from 24th- 26th for Memorial Day Break.

Diet Info
I hit 163.2lb yesterday. So, I am keeping max 165 and minimum 160 ranges so far. I think I start to eat ice cream.

Brush Info
We started brush service for all customers from last weekend. We provide you a brush and special soy sauce when you order sushi. You can take less sodium and can feel real sushi taste. I always say that fish need soy sauce and rice doesn’t need it.
But many customers dip rice side and eat and they say it is good sushi. It is not good sushi. Those people eat soy sauce with sushi. I have no idea who starts this kind of bad manner. I have to correct to right way and want everybody to keep healthy.

How much Japanese make money?
Last year’s average Japanese household income was $55,600. It was 1.9% down from previous year. Also, it was 18% down from 10 years ago. 57% of people answered that their life were having hard times. It was because of mortgage and raising children.

More warmer in the futureScientists from MIT disclosed a new data. The Earth temperature will warmer than their previous data. They estimated 2.4C up by 2100 in 2003. But they estimate now 5.2C up by 2100. I think we are facing so many unknown things in the future. Need to go back to simple life and save energy. Jury system starts in Japan.
We just started jury trial from May 21st. But 52% of people say that they don’t want to join this system. Only 13% want to join. My opinion? I don’t want to go. No time and I cannot judge that I feel.

Eat sushi on Memorial Day?
One of the reasons I close this period is I cannot get fish from Japan until Wednesday.
If you are thinking eating sushi, this weekend is fine but Monday and Tuesday are not great. Domestic fish is fine but what is domestic fish? It is kanpachi from Hawaii, and live scallop and shell fish only. Tuna is Ok and Salmon is also Ok. You might hit frozen fish.
I highly recommend you to wait until Wednesday.
Why don’t you do BBQ at your backyard? Is this Memorial Day’s Tradition?

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Taka's Update May 18th.

Taka’s Update May 18 2009

This week Fish
New tuna is coming today. It is big eye tuna. Uni is available. It is very sweet.
All other fish are same as usual.
We will be closed from 24th- 26th for Memorial Day Break.

Vinegar works for your body.
1 or 2 of large spoons vinegar can decrease visceral fat and neutral fat in blood. It is from Mizkan, Japanese vinegar producer research. Acetate in included in vinegar and it Inhibit the synthesis of fat. It also promotes far burning. The research was used by apple vinegar. They tested 175 adults from 25 ~ 60 years old. A researcher says, it is good prevention or improvement of metabolic syndrome. But have to take everyday otherwise fat is going to back.
Is this mean eating sushi every week makes us in good shape? Or eating salad with vinegar related dressing works well? Maybe, it is so.
Additional Info: Vinegar makes blood pressure lower and cholesterol level in blood lower. Sounds good?

Japan is panic with influenza
18 May 2009, 39 countries have officially reported 8480 cases of influenza A(H1N1) infection. How about Japan? So far, 163 people were infected. Especially, Kobe area is bad. 4043 schools were shut down. They are very sensitive and over react. I always say 36,000 people dies every year with seasonal influenza in US and this new case is not a big issue. Why people this so serious. I saw the picture that people made a long line to buy masks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weight Loss Program Day 9

Sorry for skipping 5 days.
My weight was 136.6lb this morning. It was 165.7 last night.
If I didn't eat french fry and chicken wing, I could lose more.
But anyway, I am doing well.
163lb is a kind of safety zone.
The picture is Soba Salad, buckwheat noodle salad. and I ear 2 or 3 times a week for lunch.
It is on a menu and you can order.
I just need to keep going to 160lb. I hope I can see this number next Monday.
A customer told me the other day. "Don't trust a skinny chef." What do you think? I think this already dead and past. I could be good at a long time ago. But he, this is 21st century and everybody cares about their health. A fat chef means, he or she makes high calorie food, use a lot of oil, butter, heavy cream. And they eat a lot and no exercise. Can you trust those kind of guys? Actually, a good chef is skinny. Jean George is around 55 years old and he does French but he is very skinny. He told me before he liked Japanese food. He sometimes goes to Hatsuhana in NYC after he finishes job.
My opinion is like this. We need to make delicious, healthy food and need to show how eating good food is important. Also we need to control our body and health condition. No excuse for busy or no time for exercise. Everybody can get same 24 hours from the God and very fair.
Good luck for everyone doing diet. If you have any question about this easy weight loss program and would like to get those foods, let me know. I am happy to help you. TAKA

Monday, May 11, 2009

Taka's Update May 11th.

Taka’s Update May 11 2009

This week Fish
Fish delivery is going back to normal.
The last week’s tuna was great. I am looking forward to get new tuna this week.
But it will not come on today and tomorrow. I just got a phone call from supplier.
All other fish are same as usual. Kinmedai is not coming tomorrow because of high tide in Japan. Fishermen could not go out for fishing.

A: Ferrari California
Italian high end sports car, Ferrari is going to sell California, a new design in Japan.
It is V8 engine 4300cc, 460hp. It is only 4 second from 0 to 100kph. The price is around $236,000 in Japan. Who can buy this car? New buyers can get this car in June. But many customers need to wait more than a year because of lots of orders.
Bad economy? I don’t think so. Someone has money and can afford it. It is called class society. Rich people get richer and poor people get poorer. We need to climb up to rich people group. It is just like black and white. There is no grey any more.

B: Not much hair? This works.
Do you check your hair? Do you have enough of it? If you are losing hair or it is almost gone, let cows lick your bold head. And hair grows again, maybe. It is because saliva works.
This is from Nagoya City University’s research. Do you know Germany’s legend; hair grows when cows lick head? I didn’t know that. Hair restoration is effective in a kind and the sial acid of the sugar contained in saliva. From the research, 50% got hair in men. They also tested for skin. 70% of ladies got better skin after applied. But do you want that? I don’t need. I eat kelp and get strong hair. This is my way.

C: Weight loss program
My weight was 168.2 lb last Monday morning. It was 165.6lb this morning and 166.0 13:41pm.
I got beer, French fry and chicken wings after golf yesterday. That was bad. But I lost around 2 lb in a week and was not bad. I eat soba this week again and skip dinner. I am looking for 163lb next Monday.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weight Loss Program Day 3

So, today is day3.Not much gain and not much loss.
I ate soba salad for lunch and ate chicken salad 5pm.
I got 2 beers as usual.
Same as this morning, I ate toasted bread with ham and cheese.
Then I went to shopping and came back.
I ate a pack of strawberry and yogurt.
My weight was 164.2 lb this morning and 167.6lb after strawberry.
I think I need to skip 2 lunch today. Just go with Zarusoba, cold buckwheat noodle.(see the picture)
This is just simple and healthy. I can eat this everyday but don't want to eat everyday.
Of course, I take oolong tea everyday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hirame Kobujime, kelped flounder

This is very easy and tasty.
Flounder sandwiched with kelp.
It is called kobujime.
Kobu is konbu, menas kelp.
Jime is making tight.
And I make flounder with Uni, sea urchin.
It takes at least 2 hours.
The fish color changes from white to dark because of kelp.
I don't dump kelp after finish. I eat or give to customers. Kelp has rich minerals and 100% natural.
Not much people order this kind of dishes but yummy and very very Japanese.

Weight Loss Program Day 2

This update
May 04 168.2lb, May 05 166.6lb and this morning was 164.6lb.
I had no chance to eat lunch yesterday. I ate an apple and got oolong tea as usual.
Dinner was a little bit sashimi and beer.
I got another beer when I got home.
I was so hungry and ate water melon.
I had toasted bread with ham and cheese plus yogurt, an apple and mango.
I went to golf driving range and hot sweat a little.
Then I checked my weight. It was 165.6lb. I gained because of too much breakfast? I don't know.
I found I lost 2 lb each night because of sweat.
I will have soba lunch today and no dinner again.
I do exercises at restaurant. I brought 2 of 15lb dumbbell.
It is good to do something around 6pm. We don't have much customer at that time and can do.
Hopefully I can keep 164lb next 2 days.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weight Loss Program

I started to lose my weight. I think it takes 2 weeks to lose 8lb.
Starting weight was 168.2 on Monday morning.
I ate bread with ham and cheese for breakfast.
I went to golf driving range about 30min..
I ate cold soba for my lunch. I got almost 4 cups of oolong tea.
Dinner? I got 2 beers and small sashimi.
My weight last night was same as morning, 168.2lb.

I checked the weight this morning, was 166.6lb.
I went to golf driving range about 30min..
And I mowed my garden about 20min..
I got late breakfast. It was bread with ham and cheese. Those were leftover from Sunday party and not anymore.
I got 2 cups of coffee and milk, a little bit Bailey and no sugar.
Then I am drinking 2 cups of oolong tea.
I just checked my weight and was 165.2lb.
This is very high speed loss weight.
Oolong tea really works. And no coke, no chocolate and no ice cream in 2 weeks.

See you tomorrow. Please follow this weight loss program. It might work for you.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Taka's Update May 4th.

Taka’s Update May 04 2009

This week Fish
It is Golden week and fish delivery from Japan is Tuesday only. What is Golden week?
April 29th was Showa Emperor’s Birthday. May 1st is same as here, May Day. May 3rd is Constitution Day and May 5th is Children’s Day. These are all national Holiday and some people can take 1 week vacation during this period. And fish market also closes those days. I had one of the best tuna last week. Many people enjoyed this tuna.

The highest sales a day.
One of the McDonald’s stores in Tokyo made a new sales record. This store opens 24 hours. And sales was about $124,500 on April 28th. This store is located in Shibuya station in Tokyo. The store had a sales promotion, Quarter pounder. Quarter pounder used 2.5 times bigger beef pate. The sales of McDonald Japan a day is almost $26.4M.
Why do Japanese like Mac? I always say, it is junk, poison and ruin our body and brain.
The last time I ate Mac was almost 10 years ago. I really don’t remember.

I need diet.
I went to medical check last week. I need to admit I am getting old. They checked my vision, hearing, blood, pee and more. Almost everything is decreasing. The only good thing is my body fat %. It is only 11% and I am in good shape. But I am a little bit over weight right now. My best range is 160-165lb. I was 166lb last week. Then I had Italian night with friends and gained another 2lb. I start diet and need to lose 8lb. What I have to do is easy. I cannot take ice cream, coke, and honey for coffee. I already start to eat soba noodle for my lunch. Dinner, maybe skip but beer is OK.
I let you know what I eat and drink. I drink a lot of oolong tea perhaps.
I go to golf practice every day.

No more Japanese restaurant?
This is from Paris, France. There were only 50 restaurants about 30 years ago, but more than 1000 Japanese restaurants open in Paris. One of famous street is called St.Tannue? nearby Opera is full of Japanese foods. So local citizens asked city congress to stop opening new Japanese restaurants on this street.
I saw the explanation of Okonomiyaki, Specialite Japonaise—Crepes a base de legumes et oeuf cuites sur une plaque chaffante. Yes, this is Okonomiyaki but I say simply Japanese seafood pancake.

So, Japanese food is healthy?
One out of 6 Japanese adults is diabetes or pre-diabetes. This is true. But many people think Japanese food is healthy and most of Japanese are slim, healthy. There were before. But not anymore. You read Mac article and they eat junk food. So, Japanese food culture is ruined by American fast food culture. This is another Americanized. American English is spreading through Internet world and also fast food culture is spreading with very fast speed in all over the world. People are getting unhealthy without knowing. Classic Japanese food is great. We need to go back to there. Eat natural and eat fresh, eat seasonal produce.

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