Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One of the Best tuna.

This is almost perfect tuna.
It is big eye tuna and stomach side with ohtoro.
I give AAA- rating, means very high.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Taka's Update April 27th

Taka’s Update April 26th 2009

This week Fish
April is almost over. Our sales are good and will be higher than last year again.
I have good tuna and toro today. Uni is coming on today. Live scallop is also coming on today.
I got Hiramasa, young yellow tail last week. It was 1 size smaller than hamachi.
Hamachi is promotion fish. It is same fish but changes name 4 times.

Beer tasting on tomorrow was canceled.

There are 3 stories related with bad economy.

A: A stripper from Morgan Stanley
Do you know this story? It appears the NYPost may have been duped. WallStFolly pieces some biographical information together on Randi Newton to suggest her story doesn't make sense. Here's her IMDB profile. Perhaps it was just one of those stories that was just too good to check out. As the ranks of Wall Streeters thin, it seems inevitable that stripper salaries will go down. But at this point, there's still enough business that a laid off banker can do pretty well pole dancing. You know, at least for the female ones.NYP: Randi Newton, 28, who lives in Midtown, was a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley before the crash but was fired."A few nights after I got laid off, I went with friends to a strip club to get drunk and forget my unemployment troubles," Newton said. "The manager offered me a job as a dancer. I thought it was different. And fun."Today, Newton, who calls herself an "independent contractor," pole dances at Rick's Cabaret (RICK) in Murray Hill three or four nights a week and says she makes "$160,000 a year on tips alone.""It was very odd seeing a strip club being better run than a major brokerage firm, not to mention I've never had problems with sexual harassment at Rick's," she said.

B: A good English speaking servers.
After financial crisis, so many white color people were fired. So what happen to them? Yes, they are working with restaurants as waiters and waitresses. If you go to DC, you can see them. They can speak perfect English.

C; People cannot divorce because of low housing price.
Many couples want to divorce but they cannot. They are waiting housing price is coming back. In Georgia, they got divorced. But they live together because they cannot sell the house. There are several cases like this.
In California, a divorced couple sold the house. The house was $2.3M before but they sold at $0.6M

Monday, April 20, 2009

How about this?

Is this delicious?
It is called Toro, uni, ikura don.
It is from Japanese menu.
I don't know why Japanese like uni, ikura and toro.
So, this is dream team don.
Oh, don means rice with something.
We have una-don( eel with rice), tekka-don(tuna with rice), Oyako-don( chicken with rice) and more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 different green onions

Left green onion grew inside of the house and right one grew outside of the house.
Both were same, means 2 weeks passed.
I reuse cut green onion. I did last year this and was really surprised. I can use 2 times and save money.
I had it at home and was tired to plat to outside and left in a cup with water for a while. Then trunk was growing and just left there.
But there are big different with these.
The color and texture are completely different.
The green onion grew under the sunshine was dark green and strong.
I think this is same as human beings. We need to get sunshine sometimes. We are human beings and we are creature.
We can survive because of the right distance of Sun and the Earth. So, we have to take a benefit from the Sun. We see so many green house vegetables now. Try to buy fresh vegetables grow under the Sun. I am making those vegetables at backyard of the restaurant.
The good thing is sunshine is free.

It happens sometimes.

This kind of tuna happens sometimes.
What happen? After fishermen catch the tuna, they need to load on the boat. Tuna move around and hit a lots. So tuna get bruise.
It is just like human beings. We cannot judge from outside because of thick skin. But toro is there just inside of skin.
I normally ask the supplier discount for this.
Taste is OK, not much diffrence,
But I throw away some bad parts.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hamburg, couldn't sell.

This is my hamburg, hamburger pate.
I made this last week but couldn't sell.
It was very delicious.
I make tomato sauce which comes from Italian, and mix with teriyaki sauce.
I used this for omakase, chef choice order. So, a couple of people ate and they enjoyed.
But anyhow, this is Japanese restaurant and hard to sell this.
I use ground beef and celery, onion, carrot, panko, milk and soy sauce.
I hate to eat 100% beef burger. You can try at your home. It is very good and has good texture.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update April 13th 2009

This week Fish
I had a good tuna last week. But it was only once. No idea for this week.
Uni? I think it is quota. I got east coast uni last week. All other fish are same. I increased sayori quantity for demand.

Beer tasting
We will have beer tasting on April 28th Tuesday night at 7pm. 7 different beer plus matching dishes for $40. Please make a reservation.

Japanese like Asia more than US.?
Where are you going to live after retire? I have a data from Japanese.
Top 5 places in 1992 were Hawaii, Canada, Australia, East coast in the US. New Zealand. But in 2007 they chose Malaysia, Australia, Thai, Hawaii, New Zealand. And Philippine and Indonesia were showed up in Top 10. Japanese yen is very strong against Asian currency and can have good retirement in Asian countries. That’s I am looking for.

40% new mom don’t have father.
It is from CNN. 40% of new mothers were not married in 2007. And 70% of black mothers were not married in same year. White mothers were only 27%. Single mother is not popular. Teenager’s pregnancy has been increasing 2 years straight after 14 years decreasing. Most of single mother’s children stay in poor and drop school easily. This is nothing good. Need to make a well managed plan before do it.

Fat news
Believe or not, 20% of 4 years olds children are fat, over weight. This is from Ohio State University. Asian is the best and 12.8% , white is 15.9%, black is 20.8%, Hispanic is 22% and native is 31.2%.
I don’t have a data but poor people % is higher than rich people. The reason is very simple. They eat high calorie foods, fast foods, soft drinks more than others.
We should call fast foods as junky poison foods.
I don’t know you mention or not. American teenagers grow faster than other countries teenagers. They like fast food and chicken. Most of chicken here contains growth hormone. Growth hormone helps chicken’s growth because of money making business. Chicken grow fast in 6 weeks. American kids grow fast like chicken. So, they get old fast. Early materiality cause teenager’s pregnancy, maybe. I always say, “ Eat good foods for your body.”

Thursday, April 9, 2009

50% OFF Braves ticket on 11th

Kenshin Kawakami, a new pitcher in Braves will play 11th on Saturday.
Atlanta Braves joined Japan America Society of Georgia.
And we get special promotions.
This is one of them. I think you can buy tickets even if you are not a member of JASG.
Please try.
I wish but cannot. I have 8:22 am tee time and need to comeback to the restaurant.

We hope you are doing well and you are enjoying your week. As you know, Japanese All-Star pitcher, Kenshin Kawakami will be making his Major League debut this Saturday, April 11, 2009 as the Atlanta Braves face the Washington Nationals. The Atlanta Braves have offered Society members along with members of the Japanese community a special discounted rate to Saturday's game. Please visit www.braves.com/kenshin for instructions to receive 50% off Braves tickets. Make sure to use the Promo Code: KENSHIN when you place your order.

Thank you very much and we hope you will join us at the game to cheer for Kenshin and the Atlanta Braves. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Sayori is in season.

Sayori, halfbeak is coming back.
It is available from spring to autumn.
This slender beauty is tasty.
It is silver fish, stomach is very dirty black.
We have a proverb. "She is like sayori."
This means, she is very beautiful but have no idea what she thinks, maybe she is a bad girl.
We say black stomach means someone has mind to cheat others or bad person character. But there is no relationship with this fish taste.
I serve with fresh ginger. Very clean and not fishy. It is not white fish, not blue fish. This is sayori taste.

Uni from East Coast

It is bad season for California Sea Urchin.
So, we get sea urchin from East Coast.
It is completely different.
California uni is called murasaki uni. It means purple uni.

On the other hand, East Coast Uni is called bafun uni. The meaning is not great. Bafun means horse shit. I am not joking. If you don't believe this, ask a Japanese.
east Coast uni is very small and the shape is just like horse shit.
That's why it is called bafun uni.
How is the taste? it is not like horse shit. I have no idea of taste of horse shit.
I never never taste it.
East Coast uni is mild and sweet. California uni is best and so so. It depends on season and quality. But East Coast uni is very average. It is available all this weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update April 6th 2009

This week Fish

Tuna supply is same as last week. Actually I did not get good tuna last week.
But can get good yellow fin in April I make Tuna Poke and yellow fin tuna is good matching with it. Uni is coming back on Today. I think it is available all week.
I just started Sayori, halfbeak. We sold out last week. It will come on Tuesday again. This slender beautiful fish is in season.

Cold Days Special
I make Hamburg. Hamburg is hamburger pate with no bread. I think some people are crazy for hamburger. They go to some where to make lines 2 hours. And taste limited quantity hamburger.
I make Japanese way. I hate 100% meat pate. I add mushroom, onion, carrot, milk and panko9bread cram). This is our Japanese way. The texture is very soft even after cook. That’s we like it. I don’t know it is good for local Atlantans but I want to try. I use tomato sauce for that. Please come and get it for your appetizer. It is available from Monday- Thursday.

Marihuana is good for Cancer.
This is from Journal of Clinical Investigation.
One of University in Spain researched this fact. There are a lot of researches that examine the influence of the marihuana on health so far, and research results in which improving the risk of the heart attack, the cerebral infarction, and cancer have gone out. There is a report of useful for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease by one side, too and it has recognition that a lot of doctors are useful for patient with AIDS's weight growth etc.

Sexing is popular.
Many people use text massage through online. This is called texing. And sending nude and related picture are called sexing. I don’t know who name it. But it is getting among teenagers and it is problems. I know many adults take wives or girlfriends nude pictures and keep them in cell phones. You might remember about what happened at McDonald in Arkansas. A couple had a meal there and wife left a cell phone there. They picked up in a hour but employees watched her nude pictures in it and uploaded to internet and so many people watched her pictures. They eventually moved to somewhere out of state and sued McDonald.

My dog is almost finished her life.
Stephanie is one of my dog. I adopted her when she was 3 years old from Atlanta Humane Society. I have been staying with her almost 12 years. She lost weight recently and no much appetite. I don’t know how long she can live. But I want to say, “Thank you so much for lovely smile and you are always good girl.”
This is very personal but you understand if you have pets, especially dogs and cats are our friends.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What do you think of this?

This was one of orders from last night.
3 people, young girls ordered like below.
A: 1 spicy tuna roll and 1 hamachi nigiri
B: 1 spicy tuna roll and 1 salmon nigiri
C: 1 spicy tuna roll and 1 vegetable roll

It is not fun to eat. What did they need to order 3 of spicy tuna roll? They liked that. That's it.
One of good things of sushi is small portion and can eat many kinds of fish or dish.
I almost suggested canceling 2 spicy tuna roll and order something new.
And they don't know share the plate? I like to share everything.
If I go to Italian restaurant with 4 people, I order 3 pasta and share. Everybody can enjoy 3 different pasta. We don't to need to order 4 pasta. We need to taste something new or something we don't know. You never know. Those item might be your next favorite dish.
It was just sad to see those people. Of course, it is customer's freedom to order any dish with their money. But where is Americans frontier spirit? GO WEST EVERYBODY!

Recycle Organic Farming

I am trying to make vegetable like this.
I use plastic containers from fish package (It is from Japan and free.).
I use cut vegetables edges for dumping.
I use fish bones and heads, shell and more something to dump.
I only buy vegetables sprouts and soil from Home Depot because HD is GA company.
I don't use any chemical fertilizer at all.
We will see a few months later.
I can reduce trash now. It is great for environment. But just think of this.
We did not use any chemical fertilizer before. We did not have them before. We used to use chicken or cow's shits for that. We need to go back to start line again for unpolluted food.