Monday, March 16, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update March 16 2009

This week Fish
I am not sure about tuna this week. It is still not much positive answer from our distributor. All other fish are fine.

Sake Tasting
I do sake tasting on March 31st Tuesday Night at 6:30pm.
Please send me an e-mail or call at 404-869-2802 for this. $40 with food.
Something about Sleeping
This is from CNN.
Americans are stressed over the economy.
A new poll finds that Americans are sleeping less because of economic stress and demands of modern life.
Our day seems shorter, schedules are crammed and precious sleep hours are sacrificed -- tossing, turning or working.
National Sleep Foundation's annual poll estimated that Americans get an average of about 6.7 hours of sleep during a weekday.
The annual Sleep in America poll estimated the hours of sleep have gradually decreased.
Over the last decade, the poll indicates that a growing percentage of Americans is getting less than six hours of sleep and the number of people who get eight or more hours is dwindling.
National Sleep Foundation poll People sleeping less than 6 hours: 1998: 12 percent 2002: 15 percent 2009: 20 percent People sleeping more than 8 hours:1998: 35 percent 2002: 30 percent 2009: 28 percent The findings echo a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, which reported last year that 52 percent of 7,000 respondents were losing sleep at night from stress.
The mean hours of sleep on a weeknight dwindled from an average of 7 hours in 2001 to 6.7 hours this year, according to the Sleep Foundation's poll.
Centuries ago, people routinely slept eight to nine hours a day. But now, only about a quarter in the survey reported getting eight or more hours of sleep.
Doctors warn about the effects of sleep deprivation, such as car accidents, depression, anxiety and cardiovascular problems. Doctors recommend seven to eight hours a day. Schulman likened sleep deprivation to chronic alcoholism.

Something about Diabetes
We have 20millions diabetes patients here in US. This number is 7% of adult population. 73,000 dies with diabetes every year. Also it relates with 220,000 other diseases dying. Journal of the American medical Association’s research showed diabetes related with all kinds of cancers. If you are diagnosed as cancer and have diabetes, your risk of death is very high.
January 2009 issue of Neuropsychology says Mental processes decrease due to mild diabetes even when controlled severely.
So, diabetes makes brain’s mental function down, and increases risk of death. We need to be careful of these facts.
Eat good food for your health and do exercise, just do it.

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