Monday, March 9, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update March 09 2009

This week Fish
Almost same as last week. Tuna supply is Ok and not great. All other fish are fine. Japanese Yen is coming back. It was 87 yen 3 weeks ago and was 98 yen last week. That means we don’t need to change price of sushi and other items using Japanese products.
I might do spring sake tasting at the end of month. Someone interested in it. Please let me know. I want to do with around 20 people.

Keys of Diet
It is getting warm and our clothing is thinner than winter. So, we see our body line very easily. You might go to beach soon. I show you the keys of diet.

1, The success of first key is continuing. Don’t stop, just do it.
2, Measure your weight everyday. Even if you don’t want to see, measure it.
3, Any good exercise? Walk everyday. This is the best. You don’t need to go to gym and need to buy a bicycle. Walking is free exercise.
4, Perfectionism cannot accept. Perfect calorie control, perfect exercise, perfect lifestyle ? It is impossible.
5, You have to declare in front of many people. You cannot escape after this. You have to do it , otherwise they say you are liar.
6, fast or cutting meal are not good idea. You have to eat 3 times a day. Of course, you can cut your snacks.
7, The equation of diet is to increase the consumption calorie more than the intake calorie. I can say less eat and more exercise.
8, 3months is a good span to do it. It is impossible in a week or 10 days.
I highly recommend natural diet, natural losing.
9. Reduce fried food. This is an example. Deep fried pork is 450cal. But sautéed pork is 300cal.. Which one is good for diet? Do you like French fry? Skip it and go to baked potato with no butter.

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