Monday, March 2, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update March 02 2009

This week Fish
Fish supply is not bad. The last week’s tuna was OK for chu-toro and I could say B- rating. All other fish are good.

1, February Sales
It was good February. Our sales was 8% higher than last year. Thank you so much. I have no idea this month. But I try my best always.

2, Dow is lower than 7000.
NY Stock market is not doing great. So many things are going on. I knew that. What should we do? I give you the number from Japan. Tokyo market’s highest number was almost 40,000 and was in 1989 perhaps. Bubble economy busted after this. The number dropped to around 15000 and came back to below 20000. It was around 13000 last year and 7280 yesterday. So, If I say 40000 is 100, the current number is 18.2. If I apply this number to NY stock market, Dow might go down to 2457. Don’t be surprise, this is juts the number. We already lost 50% of value. I think 6000 is the bottom. It is not easy. We still don’t know the exit of a long tunnel. We can see the sign “ Exit is near future” but cannot see in front of us right now.

3, Lean from our history.
I bought several books were written about America. And we can learn from our history. What do you think of 12 years of Republican government from 1984 to 1996? Regan cut taxes and appealed “Strong America” and increased military expense. Actually tax cut was good for wealthy people and big companies. Middle and lower families lives didn’t get well and went down. Papa Bush succeed this line and the son did same way.
Do you know how many % of IRS revenue from companies? I have a data. It decreased a lots. In 1960, 3.8% from GNP and 1986 was 1.4% and 1990 was 1.7% . Instead of paying corporate tax, they bought corporate jets, paid high salaries to executives. And they didn’t spend money to capital investment. So what happened ? American companies lost their market share in everywhere and made many blue color out of job. Americans were still smart at that time and made money from financial market. It was good about 10 years and it was finished. What comes next? No more investment bank in the US. Banks need to be back to their primary business.
The book I read was published in 1994. And I am reading this in 2009. It is nothing old. Rich people get more rich and poor people get more poor. Many people cannot afford medical insurance, cannot send their children to college, the government is looking for small size and cut social welfare expense.
It is hard to translate but I am happy if you understand.
You might know this. It is from the politics of rich and poor by K. Phillips. He wrote this in 1990. [ Before, the sons of blue colors followed their fathers and went to work at factories. They make $13-$14 per hour. They become middle class. They buy a car and a small cottage near by lake. Later they can send their children to college]. This was a small American Dream but not any more. We don’t have middle here. And the funny thing is Japan is getting just like that.

4, Fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of pancreas cancer.
Let’s go back to healthy topics. Dr. Holly at University of California says “ If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you can reduce 50% of pancreas cancer risk”. About 300,000 peoples die every year in this country and impossible to treat, most of them die in 5 years. In pancreas, there is a disintegration of an adjustment storing action, a detoxifying process, a red blood corpuscle disintegration, and alcohol that the digestion acts and is nutrient. I think pancreas is next section from small intestines and is just like recycle center in our body. Anyway, this research says carrot, yam potato, sweet potato, corn, pumpkin, onion, garlic, beans and fruits are good for pancreas.
Prevention is the best way for the medical care. Eat good foods always.

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