Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Taka's Update

Taka’s Update January 6th 2009

This week Fish
Tuna supply is not great. It is because New Year and Chinese New Year is approaching. Fishermen stay home instead of going fishing. I got an information from our supplier for bug eye tuna yesterday. But this tuna was from Hawaii area. Hawaiian tuna is Ok and no toro. So, I don’t buy it. I just go with yellow fin and frozen toro for a while. I let you know when I get South American big eye tuna.

1, Mocha coffee is gone from the market.
Do you like mocha coffee? Have you seen mocha recently? Most of mocha is made in Ethiopia. Japanese government check all coffee coming to Japan and they found the element of insecticide from it. So, they made it to the ban on import. Germany is the No.1 Ethiopian coffee importer and Japan is 2nd. The tolerance of pesticide residue of EU is looser than that of Japan. So, Ethiopia increases exporting to Germany. I don’t know about US tolerance. If you see mocha coffee here in US, it is lose. By the way, Mocha is a name of port in Yemen.

2, TV is thinner and thinner.
Samsung just released that they developed 6.5mm thin TV. They used LED for back light. SONY sold 9.9mm thin TV last year. Victor also developed 7mm thin TV. And they are going to sell this year. Victor also use LED for back light. I think ultra thin TV is going to be main stream in a few years and current 10cm( 3-4 inches thick TV) TV price is going down more and more. IF you buy TV now, don’t spend more than $1000 for 46-50 inches. You will be regret soon. I got 46 inches Panasonic last year and was $949 at Costco.

3, Did you gain weight? Yes, I did.
How many party did you have recently? I had 3 or 4 and my weight was 166.6 lb yesterday. I need to fix it. I thought many people gained weight holiday season.
But it is New Year and 2009. We need to lose it. I used to eat croissant with ham and cheese for breakfast but not anymore. I still have croissant but just strawberry jam or cheese only and not everyday. I eat fruits and yogurt again. California orange season is just started. I eat a lot of them. I let you know when my weight is back to normal around 163lb. It takes a week or so.

4, Diet?
So many diet ways were popular in Japan. There were mushroom tea in 1975, banana in 1985, boiled egg in 1988, apple in 1992, red pepper in 1999, mushroom and black vinegar in 2000, yeast of beer in 2002, amino acid in 2003, natural salt in 2004, agar-agar in 2005, cabbage and do zong tea in 2006, natto and cocoa in 2007 and breakfast banana in 2008.
Single item diet is not great because might lose balance of nourishment. If it is so, what do we have to do?
The answer comes from Penn state university’s research. It is effective to eat ..low calorie with little fat.. juicy than cutting down on the food for diet.
These are fruits, vegetables, soup, lean meat and low fat daily products.

5, Domestic tuna was $106,666 at Tokyo market.
Tokyo fish market just opened and had first auction of the year. The highlight was tuna. It was from Ohma, Aomori and about 250 lb blue fin tuna. The price was $416 per lb and whole price was $106,666. Where did this tuna go? It went to high end sushi restaurants in Japan and China. China? Believe or not.

Thank you for your business. 2008 sales was 15% higher than 2007. We are doing good. How about January? So far, so good.

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