Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Hot sake for a while

We 've been using Miyano Yuki sake for hot sake. But it is out of stock and takes time to recover.
So our supplier gave us a great deal.
New hot sake is hosui, extremely beautuful water. It is from Tokushima in Japan. (Picture: right)
This sake's quality is higher than Miyano Yuki and our cost is also higher but we can get same deal from supplier.
We go to Costco style business. " Good merchandise with reasonable price"
Left sake is a kind of high end sake. The name is Miyo-sakae from Ehime in Japan. It is really high price but great taste. Please buy this with someones money or company expense.

I just check the most expensive sake in the world. The name is Kita-yuki, North snow. The price is around $2000 with wine size bottle. The bottle is made with titanium. Am I going to buy that? I will ask my customer and decide. I just ordered around $900 sake for him.

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