Monday, December 15, 2008

Taka's Update December 15 2008

Taka’s Update December 15 2008

This week Fish I will get new tuna shipment on today. Everything is all right except world economy. We need to help each other.

A: Americans like TV game.
More than half of American adults enjoy TV game. 1 out of 5 play daily. 97% of teenagers play it. In detail, 55% of men and 50% of women play, 81% of 18-29 years old, 60% of 30-49 years old, 40% of 50-64 years old and 23% of more than 65 years old enjoy the TV game. How about me? I don’t have ant TV game at home. My business is a big game and gold is also a big game. Both are real.

B: A Christmas present from the God.
Can you believe it? You can get extra 1 second at the end of this year. IERS is a part of United Nations. It is called intercalary second. The error margin of the rotation of the earth on its axis and the atomic clock is corrected. It depends on. But this year we get a second after 6:59 pm 59 seconds on December 31st Eastern time zone. It started in 1972 and the last time adjustment was 2005-2006. Everybody can get this 1 second for free and equally.

C: Apple is good for you.
The effect of "Apple treatment" was published in the medical journal of Germany
of 1929.
When it rubbed and a lower apple was given to the 52 children from 1 years old to 5 years old such as the acute attack of indigestion and dysentery for two days, diarrhea stopped at once, and heat fell.
In Japan, Aomori is famous for apple producing prefecture just like here Washington State. You might know Misawa AFB is there. Japan was Mecca of the apoplexy before.
There were a lot of intake of salts, and it ran one's blood pressure, and, therefore, the Tohoku district including Aomori caused the apoplexy though the cause was high blood pressure.
However, the blood pressure was low, and the apoplexy was also few in Aomori.
As a result of the research, it has been understood that a lot of potassium are contained in the apple.
Potassium suppressed the harm of salinity, and high blood pressure was prevented. Eat Apple daily and prevent any kinds of sick.

D: Potassium ? Beet is the best!
I make Borsch almost everyday. This is a great winter food. I researched about beet. It is originally from Mediterranean sea area. The color of red is not carotene. Beet contains a lot of potassium and good for improvement of high blood pressure, means someone has diabetes need to take it. Also good for Cancer prevention effect, liver function strengthening, and anemia improvement

E: Cannot sleep well?
You have to try this. It might work for you because it works for me. Actually, I can sleep well. My feet is a little bit cold. I soak my feet into a hot water for 2-4minutes before I go to bed. It really works for me. I can get deep sleep with this.
There is an innumerable capillary in our bodies. If we find cold parts, those parts might be problems. It is that the circulation of the blood is slow. It comes to have good circulation by warming the body. Japanese like bathing in hot tub. I normally take a shower but I do bathing when I am tired. It is really works.
Please just think it as river. Water need to run the river smoothly. Blood need to run allover our body. Thanks.

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