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Taka's Update December 09 2008

Taka’s Update December 09 2008

This week: Fish I could not get enough uni because of bad weather in CA. But It came yesterday. Tuna is OK. I have big eye tuna with toro. And I am waiting an answer for Wednesday and Thursday.

A: Chinese Japanese in increasing in Japan.
Can you believe this? One out of 150 baby was a Chinese in 2006. This means father or mother was Chinese or both were Chinese. Japan is asia-nized a little by a little. We had 720,000 marriages in 2007 and one out of 18 marriage was International marriage. This is not a surprising thing here in US but Japan is changing.

B: Suicide is increasing.
About 33,000 people died with suicide last year in Japan. More than 30,000 people is 10 years straight high. Men were almost 71%. The motivation were several but health problem was top and financial problem came next and domestic problem was 3rd.
At age, between 55-64 years olds were top in men and more than 75 years old were top in women. Suicide is increasing in the US, too.
I analyzed this matter. We need to catch up with this rapid moving world. We cannot be dinosaurs and cannot be fossils. We need to take whatever comes and get it over. For instance, technology is moving very fast. We cannot ignore. Do you use cassette players ? We need to update everything around us. It is hard to write but my points are 1, Update technology around you. 2, Eat good food for your health. 3, Be nice to everybody around you. The animal doesn’t evolve ruins.

C: So, are you updated?
Please check below.
I use Window Vista.
I have ipod or MP3 player.
I have frond loading style washer and drier.
I have flat screen TV.
I have iphone G3.
I have hybrid car.
I use online bill payment.
I download music instead of buying CD.
I prefer to buy energy star products.
I have tankless water heater.
I do recycle. How many do you apply?

D: China says, Buy America now!
Do you know who is buying American properties? They are Russians, Arabians and Chinese. It is not only properties but stocks. American Life Insurance Company (Alico) is a part of AIG group but 49% of stocks are owned by Chinese government fund. I personal level, it is same. Travel agencies plan American real estate buying tour and people come to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. They buy around $50,000 - $100,000 condo and use for their children’s living place for studying. By the way, Alico’s 70% of revenue is from Japan.

E: You might see this.
This is from last month’s CNN and now on you tube. Japan Airlines CEO tries to save money because of company’s slumping business. He uses Tokyo metropolitan bus for commute usually, uses company cafeteria for lunch and his salary is $90,000. More than 40,000 people watch this video from You tube. He comments “ Most of employees got early retirement were same age as my age.
Most of employees who had retired at the early stage because of the slumping business was roughly the same age with me. I should also share the pain with them, and the salary has been reduced. What do you think?
I reduced my salary almost 30% for preparing uncertain future. Save money for just in case. You can go to below.
YouTube: Japan Airline's CEO Slashes his Pay Below the Pay of Pilots, other CEO Should Learn from Him !
Sony just announced for 8000 lay off Dow chemical said 5000 lay off yesterday. Who is next?

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