Monday, December 1, 2008

Taka's Update December 01 2008

Taka’s Update December 1 2008

This week Fish
I have medium toro on Monday and wait next arrival on Tuesday or Wednesday. All other fish are fine. I started golden pompano for grilled fish. The meat is same as Hamachi and contains DHA a lot.

A; Are you an Italian man? You are the best!
Italians are considered the most handsome men in the world, while men who are balding and aging do not necessarily lose their looks, according to an international survey on what makes men attractive.
A "Male Beauty" survey of nearly 10,000 men and women in 12 countries conducted by market research firm Synovate found that good hygiene was actually the top requirement for men to being considered handsome.
The second main requirement to be considered good-looking was confidence, with nearly one fifth of all respondents saying a man must carry himself well, followed by having a "great smile."
Hair, or a lack of, seemed to have little impact with only one percent of respondents saying that a full head of hair was needed to be handsome.
Older men can also take heart as 60 percent of respondents said a man's appearance gets better with age, with Americans, Chinese, Greeks and Malaysians agreeing with that the most.
"Words like distinguished, refined and dignified are regularly used to describe older men," Bob Michaels, Synovate spokesman, said in a statement.
"Here, men are seen like a fine wine - they only get better. Which is good news for some of us."
But looks did also come down to geography.
The survey, conducted in October in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Greece, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Britain and the United States, found Italian men were considered to be the most handsome -- even though Italy was not one of the countries where people were polled.
They were followed by men from the United States, Russia and Brazil.
Being clean-shaven was also a preference agreed by the majority of men and women, although the numbers varied in markets such as Canada and the United States, where Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney have made a little stubble sexy.
Highlighting the discrepancies between the sexes, slightly more women than men considered wearing aftershave or cologne to be sexy, although overall the number of people who agreed and disagreed with that statement was equal.
In Spain, more men than women consider having muscles and dressing well to be essential requirements, while the opposite was true for Greek women, who were more likely than their male counterparts to think a macho look was appealing.
Far more British, French and Australian women also seemed to value "a great smile" than men do.
Despite almost one in three women rating their partner's looks as being very important to them, over 70 percent of men said they maintained their appearance to satisfy themselves.
Deodorant was picked as the most used beauty aid by men, followed by whitening toothpaste and aftershave.
But despite their efforts, less than half of all male respondents thought they looked sexy.
Synovate used face-to-face and phone interviews to compile the survey. Respondents were aged between 15 and 64 years.

B: Why do they have cell phones there?
This is from New Jersey. New Jersey Sheriff office hired special trained dogs for searching cell phones in prisons. It is illegal to carry cell phones in jail or prison. But recently they got reports that gangs used many times.
I really don’t understand this kind of news. There are so many monitors and cameras in jail or prison. Who brings into them? It is easy to know, maybe someone inside of there and can go to anywhere.

C: US Army need to kill pirates.
You know Pirates in African Ocean. They attack tankers and get hostages and ask ransom. So far $20M were paid. I just wonder, if American government think peach in the world, they ask military go get them. They have satellite systems and easy to find pirates maybe. They don’t need to kill civilians in Afghanistan or other countries. Do you think this is a good idea? And they can get pay when things are finished. I think finding pirates in the ocean is easier than finding Osama Bin Laden in the mountains.

D: Thank you for your business.
Our November sales was 2.7% higher than last year. This is 19 months straight record. It was not bad, maybe great. I always say that 10% of people still make money even under bad economy. We need to join that 10% group. I make healthy food and make people happy. We always take care of our customers just like Office Depot. We do money back guarantee if our customers are not satisfied just like Home Depot. We don’t do any specials at all. We just do it daily operations to make our customers happy like NIKE? Anyway, thank you so much.

E: Have you gained weight?
You need to check your weight right now because after holidays. I checked this morning and was 163lb. It is still average. Normally we gain weight in winter time because of less activities. So 2-3 lb of over weight is affordable. I wear Nike Pro sports wear most of the time. This wear is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It is very warm and also make tight my body. So I can get sweat easily and maybe can lose weight naturally. You have to try it. I bought at Marshalls for $24.99 high neck shirts, $14.99 tight pants. Both are great and can play golf anytime.

Holiday Info
We will be closed on December 24-25th.

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