Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oden, Japanese Bouillabaisse

What do you think I say Japanese bouillabaisse?
I think I am right.
Oden is traditional and casual winter dish in Japan.
It is not expensive and kind of street food.
Broth is light and flavorful.
I make this broth with short rib, sake, mirin, sea salt, kelp.
Beef fat melt in the broth and add good flavor.
What is in it? Egg, Devil's tongue (yum cake), potato, daikon radish, several kinds of fish cake, fried tofu.
It takes 2 days to make and taste is better day by day. This is a harmony of beef broth and vegetables. It doesn't look good much and I know some people don't like.
But I like it and I make. It is available on Thursday-Friday in winter.

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