Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cannot sleep? Try this.

Can you sleep at cold night? Do you use AC all night? I hate using AC all the time. My house get dry and my skin condition is getting bad. I prefer cool inside of house. If I use humidifier, windows or doors get wet and get mold. So what is a solution? I do use oil heater when I sleep. I heat up with AC and I turn off when I sleep. And turn on oil heater. Oil heater makes oil warm and oil pipes get warm and make air warm. How about AC? They burn gas and send dry air into the rooms. This is really bad for our skin.
And I tell you how to get deep sleep easily. You can take a shower and make your body warm. But you can bathe foot about 5 minutes and make your foot warm. This is the best way. Your blood circulation get better and can sleep well.
This is also good for your body. You have to blood make move around all your body all the time. But we can not sometimes. If blood cannot move around, that part is getting cold. And get some problem. Massage is good for the body and has same effect.
Hot water is better for foot, I think. Please try at cold night or over working day.

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