Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Taka;s Update December 23rd 2008

Taka’s Update December 23 2008

This week Fish New tuna is coming today. I think many people are on vacation. We opens today buy will be closed on 24th and 25th.
Live scallop has a little problem because of bad weather in NE area.

A; Don’t eat much and don’t drink much.
It is a time to eat and drink. Parties every week? According to a survey, many people gain weight after New Year’s Day. That’s because people eat and drink and not much exercise. It is cold winter and many people stay at home. It is a great chance to play golf because no much people play in cold winter. Golf fee is cheaper than summer time. You can save money and don’t need to wait.

B: Drink gold leaf sake and have happy 2009!
We offer gold leaf sake at the end of year and New Year for our customers. It is complimentary from us. Gold is a symbol of good financial luck. By taking gold inside of your body, you are ready to welcome more money in 2009. I know many people are losing money this year. We have to stop it. We need to raise a big STOP sign and watch right and left and move forward.

Thank you for reading my newsletter this year. This is the last one. I try to find more healthy topics and valuable information to you in 2009. TAKA

Saturday, December 20, 2008

For your good luck of 2009

How was your 2008? For me, it was the best year. We made the highest sales in 2008.
So, we need another good year in 2009.
You think so. Everybody needs good and better 2009.
So, let's do Japanese, no no Taka's way of praying.
Drink Gold leaves sake and bring money to your wallet.
Believe or not, this is our free offer.
I did same promotion last year.
We need to welcome good financial luck.
We will do this New Year's Eve and the first week of January.
But we need work hard for money. Praying is mental support and not real support.

Nigori Sake full line

I finally got a full line of nigori, unfilter sake.
from left: Yaegaki, Awayuki and Shirakawago.

Yaegaki is classic type and very thick, heavy and sweet.
Awayuki is just middle. not much thick but not much light.
The last one is Shirakawago. This is Jyunmai Ginjyo, means pure rice but flavored and light.
You can taste and find your favorite nigori sake.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fresh Amaebi, Sweet Shrimp from Maine

Some people know this shrimp is so good. The season starts a little bit earlier than last year.

You don't know fresh is really great.

This shrimp has eggs around stomach area.
How do we eat? Simple is the best. Juts fry and eat whole body from head to tail.
You can take natural calcium from this shrimp.
I get this tomorrow. Please make sure I have or not. Call me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Taka's Update December 15 2008

Taka’s Update December 15 2008

This week Fish I will get new tuna shipment on today. Everything is all right except world economy. We need to help each other.

A: Americans like TV game.
More than half of American adults enjoy TV game. 1 out of 5 play daily. 97% of teenagers play it. In detail, 55% of men and 50% of women play, 81% of 18-29 years old, 60% of 30-49 years old, 40% of 50-64 years old and 23% of more than 65 years old enjoy the TV game. How about me? I don’t have ant TV game at home. My business is a big game and gold is also a big game. Both are real.

B: A Christmas present from the God.
Can you believe it? You can get extra 1 second at the end of this year. IERS is a part of United Nations. It is called intercalary second. The error margin of the rotation of the earth on its axis and the atomic clock is corrected. It depends on. But this year we get a second after 6:59 pm 59 seconds on December 31st Eastern time zone. It started in 1972 and the last time adjustment was 2005-2006. Everybody can get this 1 second for free and equally.

C: Apple is good for you.
The effect of "Apple treatment" was published in the medical journal of Germany
of 1929.
When it rubbed and a lower apple was given to the 52 children from 1 years old to 5 years old such as the acute attack of indigestion and dysentery for two days, diarrhea stopped at once, and heat fell.
In Japan, Aomori is famous for apple producing prefecture just like here Washington State. You might know Misawa AFB is there. Japan was Mecca of the apoplexy before.
There were a lot of intake of salts, and it ran one's blood pressure, and, therefore, the Tohoku district including Aomori caused the apoplexy though the cause was high blood pressure.
However, the blood pressure was low, and the apoplexy was also few in Aomori.
As a result of the research, it has been understood that a lot of potassium are contained in the apple.
Potassium suppressed the harm of salinity, and high blood pressure was prevented. Eat Apple daily and prevent any kinds of sick.

D: Potassium ? Beet is the best!
I make Borsch almost everyday. This is a great winter food. I researched about beet. It is originally from Mediterranean sea area. The color of red is not carotene. Beet contains a lot of potassium and good for improvement of high blood pressure, means someone has diabetes need to take it. Also good for Cancer prevention effect, liver function strengthening, and anemia improvement

E: Cannot sleep well?
You have to try this. It might work for you because it works for me. Actually, I can sleep well. My feet is a little bit cold. I soak my feet into a hot water for 2-4minutes before I go to bed. It really works for me. I can get deep sleep with this.
There is an innumerable capillary in our bodies. If we find cold parts, those parts might be problems. It is that the circulation of the blood is slow. It comes to have good circulation by warming the body. Japanese like bathing in hot tub. I normally take a shower but I do bathing when I am tired. It is really works.
Please just think it as river. Water need to run the river smoothly. Blood need to run allover our body. Thanks.

Holiday Info
We will be closed on December 24-25th.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cannot sleep? Try this.

Can you sleep at cold night? Do you use AC all night? I hate using AC all the time. My house get dry and my skin condition is getting bad. I prefer cool inside of house. If I use humidifier, windows or doors get wet and get mold. So what is a solution? I do use oil heater when I sleep. I heat up with AC and I turn off when I sleep. And turn on oil heater. Oil heater makes oil warm and oil pipes get warm and make air warm. How about AC? They burn gas and send dry air into the rooms. This is really bad for our skin.
And I tell you how to get deep sleep easily. You can take a shower and make your body warm. But you can bathe foot about 5 minutes and make your foot warm. This is the best way. Your blood circulation get better and can sleep well.
This is also good for your body. You have to blood make move around all your body all the time. But we can not sometimes. If blood cannot move around, that part is getting cold. And get some problem. Massage is good for the body and has same effect.
Hot water is better for foot, I think. Please try at cold night or over working day.

Kinmedai, Alfonsino

Some fish are good for sashimi and sushi and some are good for cooking.

Kinmedai is good for both. This fish has big eyes and has a lot of gelatin around eyes. We cannot dumo this and have to eat. It is available only 2 a week.
Kinmedai is very expensive fish and cannot order 5 or 6 a week.
It is deep ocean fish and has good fat. So, nituke style cooking is the best. We cook a little bit sweet with mirin and sugar. I normally cook 20 minutes and pour dashi around head and wrap with foil and circulate dashi all head.
One of customers kid hold an eye ball. Do we eat it? Yes, we eat. I cannot say how good for our body. But try it. It is a great experience for you and your family. Fish head contains great meat.
Ask me when you are ready.

One of super premium sake from Japan.

This sake is called Koshino Kanbai Cho-tokusen.
I got this from Japan directly. I called my sister to get from auction site. It is hard to buy this kinds of super premium sake.
Some are more than $400 per bottle.
One of my friend asked me to get this and I did.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bigeye tuna Dec. 11 2008

This is stomach side but not much toro. I can say between chu-toro and small toro. Also have oh toro but same quality.
Tuna is not easy business. It depends on each shipment.
If I could get good tuna every time, I would drive a Ferrari.
It is very good tuna as red meat.
It is available all this weekend.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taka's Update December 09 2008

Taka’s Update December 09 2008

This week: Fish I could not get enough uni because of bad weather in CA. But It came yesterday. Tuna is OK. I have big eye tuna with toro. And I am waiting an answer for Wednesday and Thursday.

A: Chinese Japanese in increasing in Japan.
Can you believe this? One out of 150 baby was a Chinese in 2006. This means father or mother was Chinese or both were Chinese. Japan is asia-nized a little by a little. We had 720,000 marriages in 2007 and one out of 18 marriage was International marriage. This is not a surprising thing here in US but Japan is changing.

B: Suicide is increasing.
About 33,000 people died with suicide last year in Japan. More than 30,000 people is 10 years straight high. Men were almost 71%. The motivation were several but health problem was top and financial problem came next and domestic problem was 3rd.
At age, between 55-64 years olds were top in men and more than 75 years old were top in women. Suicide is increasing in the US, too.
I analyzed this matter. We need to catch up with this rapid moving world. We cannot be dinosaurs and cannot be fossils. We need to take whatever comes and get it over. For instance, technology is moving very fast. We cannot ignore. Do you use cassette players ? We need to update everything around us. It is hard to write but my points are 1, Update technology around you. 2, Eat good food for your health. 3, Be nice to everybody around you. The animal doesn’t evolve ruins.

C: So, are you updated?
Please check below.
I use Window Vista.
I have ipod or MP3 player.
I have frond loading style washer and drier.
I have flat screen TV.
I have iphone G3.
I have hybrid car.
I use online bill payment.
I download music instead of buying CD.
I prefer to buy energy star products.
I have tankless water heater.
I do recycle. How many do you apply?

D: China says, Buy America now!
Do you know who is buying American properties? They are Russians, Arabians and Chinese. It is not only properties but stocks. American Life Insurance Company (Alico) is a part of AIG group but 49% of stocks are owned by Chinese government fund. I personal level, it is same. Travel agencies plan American real estate buying tour and people come to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. They buy around $50,000 - $100,000 condo and use for their children’s living place for studying. By the way, Alico’s 70% of revenue is from Japan.

E: You might see this.
This is from last month’s CNN and now on you tube. Japan Airlines CEO tries to save money because of company’s slumping business. He uses Tokyo metropolitan bus for commute usually, uses company cafeteria for lunch and his salary is $90,000. More than 40,000 people watch this video from You tube. He comments “ Most of employees got early retirement were same age as my age.
Most of employees who had retired at the early stage because of the slumping business was roughly the same age with me. I should also share the pain with them, and the salary has been reduced. What do you think?
I reduced my salary almost 30% for preparing uncertain future. Save money for just in case. You can go to below.
YouTube: Japan Airline's CEO Slashes his Pay Below the Pay of Pilots, other CEO Should Learn from Him !
Sony just announced for 8000 lay off Dow chemical said 5000 lay off yesterday. Who is next?

Holiday Info
We will be closed on December 24-25th.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Oden, Japanese Bouillabaisse

What do you think I say Japanese bouillabaisse?
I think I am right.
Oden is traditional and casual winter dish in Japan.
It is not expensive and kind of street food.
Broth is light and flavorful.
I make this broth with short rib, sake, mirin, sea salt, kelp.
Beef fat melt in the broth and add good flavor.
What is in it? Egg, Devil's tongue (yum cake), potato, daikon radish, several kinds of fish cake, fried tofu.
It takes 2 days to make and taste is better day by day. This is a harmony of beef broth and vegetables. It doesn't look good much and I know some people don't like.
But I like it and I make. It is available on Thursday-Friday in winter.

Big eye tuna December 02 2008

I can say this is one of the best of December.
I know December is just started.
But, I can say that.
Tuna supply is not great in winter especially from January to March.
Out cost is a little bit high but still affordable.
Toro is very beautiful.
It is available for next 3 days.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Taka's Update December 01 2008

Taka’s Update December 1 2008

This week Fish
I have medium toro on Monday and wait next arrival on Tuesday or Wednesday. All other fish are fine. I started golden pompano for grilled fish. The meat is same as Hamachi and contains DHA a lot.

A; Are you an Italian man? You are the best!
Italians are considered the most handsome men in the world, while men who are balding and aging do not necessarily lose their looks, according to an international survey on what makes men attractive.
A "Male Beauty" survey of nearly 10,000 men and women in 12 countries conducted by market research firm Synovate found that good hygiene was actually the top requirement for men to being considered handsome.
The second main requirement to be considered good-looking was confidence, with nearly one fifth of all respondents saying a man must carry himself well, followed by having a "great smile."
Hair, or a lack of, seemed to have little impact with only one percent of respondents saying that a full head of hair was needed to be handsome.
Older men can also take heart as 60 percent of respondents said a man's appearance gets better with age, with Americans, Chinese, Greeks and Malaysians agreeing with that the most.
"Words like distinguished, refined and dignified are regularly used to describe older men," Bob Michaels, Synovate spokesman, said in a statement.
"Here, men are seen like a fine wine - they only get better. Which is good news for some of us."
But looks did also come down to geography.
The survey, conducted in October in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Greece, Malaysia, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Britain and the United States, found Italian men were considered to be the most handsome -- even though Italy was not one of the countries where people were polled.
They were followed by men from the United States, Russia and Brazil.
Being clean-shaven was also a preference agreed by the majority of men and women, although the numbers varied in markets such as Canada and the United States, where Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney have made a little stubble sexy.
Highlighting the discrepancies between the sexes, slightly more women than men considered wearing aftershave or cologne to be sexy, although overall the number of people who agreed and disagreed with that statement was equal.
In Spain, more men than women consider having muscles and dressing well to be essential requirements, while the opposite was true for Greek women, who were more likely than their male counterparts to think a macho look was appealing.
Far more British, French and Australian women also seemed to value "a great smile" than men do.
Despite almost one in three women rating their partner's looks as being very important to them, over 70 percent of men said they maintained their appearance to satisfy themselves.
Deodorant was picked as the most used beauty aid by men, followed by whitening toothpaste and aftershave.
But despite their efforts, less than half of all male respondents thought they looked sexy.
Synovate used face-to-face and phone interviews to compile the survey. Respondents were aged between 15 and 64 years.

B: Why do they have cell phones there?
This is from New Jersey. New Jersey Sheriff office hired special trained dogs for searching cell phones in prisons. It is illegal to carry cell phones in jail or prison. But recently they got reports that gangs used many times.
I really don’t understand this kind of news. There are so many monitors and cameras in jail or prison. Who brings into them? It is easy to know, maybe someone inside of there and can go to anywhere.

C: US Army need to kill pirates.
You know Pirates in African Ocean. They attack tankers and get hostages and ask ransom. So far $20M were paid. I just wonder, if American government think peach in the world, they ask military go get them. They have satellite systems and easy to find pirates maybe. They don’t need to kill civilians in Afghanistan or other countries. Do you think this is a good idea? And they can get pay when things are finished. I think finding pirates in the ocean is easier than finding Osama Bin Laden in the mountains.

D: Thank you for your business.
Our November sales was 2.7% higher than last year. This is 19 months straight record. It was not bad, maybe great. I always say that 10% of people still make money even under bad economy. We need to join that 10% group. I make healthy food and make people happy. We always take care of our customers just like Office Depot. We do money back guarantee if our customers are not satisfied just like Home Depot. We don’t do any specials at all. We just do it daily operations to make our customers happy like NIKE? Anyway, thank you so much.

E: Have you gained weight?
You need to check your weight right now because after holidays. I checked this morning and was 163lb. It is still average. Normally we gain weight in winter time because of less activities. So 2-3 lb of over weight is affordable. I wear Nike Pro sports wear most of the time. This wear is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It is very warm and also make tight my body. So I can get sweat easily and maybe can lose weight naturally. You have to try it. I bought at Marshalls for $24.99 high neck shirts, $14.99 tight pants. Both are great and can play golf anytime.

Holiday Info
We will be closed on December 24-25th.