Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taka's Update November 4th 2008

Taka’s Update November 04 2008

This week Fish
Tuna supply is very bad. I got big eye tuna last week but no toro. This week is almost same as last week.
On the other hand, uni is available all the time. I think the weather in CA is very good for catching.
Shirako is available in winter. Shirako is Cod’s spermary and give us energy and power. It is available only winter season. Please throw your prejudice and try it. Most of customers tried shirako were happy, so far.

To keep price low.
I went to Costco today and bought toilet paper for wiping hands. I didn’t buy same one as last time. The price went up to $48 per box. It was $25 last year and $29 last month. So I decided to give up and bought thin type. It was $30. Please use 1 paper only when wipe. Thanks.
Price cut
I will cut price this week. In spite of bad economy and high cost, I need to do that. I already cut sushi rolls price last week. I will cut all appetizers, nigiri sushi and drink this week. I will find cheap price for everything as much as possible and need to match bad economy. Please come by and see the bill.
I call this plan is “Costco way“. Do you know Costco’s customers income is $20,000 higher than Sam’s Club. Rich people go to Costco because of high quality and low price. I need to go this way under recession. We make great food and affordable price. We cut the price because we make most of food under our hands and cut any costs.

Thank you for coming SUSHI DAY
We had a great day on November 1st , SUSHI DAY. We actually discounted 20% from the bill. We got 162 people and made a new sales record. What was wrong? Nothing wrong. It was a crazy day but a great event. So, I feel people don’t want to spend money. People want to save money. People want to eat if price is low. I think you can do at any other business. You need to know what your customer expect. If you can find it, you can be a winner. I read this morning article about Circuit City. It will be 86, means bye-bye. Why? Circuit city didn’t know what customers expected. This is a great gamble time. Don’t go to Las Vegas. Bet your business!
You can make good money or lose everything. I buy you meal when you lose everything. It is same as my business. I already cut my salary for just in case. We don’t know what happen in the future. I try to avoid the worst case scenario. I think I am fine.

Thanks. TAKA

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