Monday, November 10, 2008

Taka's Update November 10th 2008

Taka’s Update November 10 2008

This week Fish
We got good tuna Last week. How about this week? Good one is coming on tomorrow. How lucky are we! I already ordered ¼ stomach side and could expect great toro again.
All other fish are fine.

Recession Joke
What should we during recession? We need to get ports club membership, Costco membership and a car.
1, Reason for sports club~ You can take a shower anytime.
2, Reason for Costco~ don’t buy them. Eat food samples and free. $40/ year is a great deal.
3, Reason for a car~ You can sleep in the car, doesn’t need a house.

McDonald’s Sales is up.
CNBS said in this morning that McDonald’s October sales was 5-7 % up in US, 11% in Asia and 9% in Europe. People tried to save money and ate junky food more than ever.
Come to Taka and try our California Roll recession style. I’ve been selling this since 2 weeks ago. But the sales was not great. It is only $3.50 and cheaper than supermarket sushi. Quality is great. I just use fish cake instead of using crab mix. But our customers want to eat crab and only a few orders in 2 weeks. I think I erase this soon.

Are you looking for Christmas Party?
If you are thinking about Christmas Lunch party, let us know. We can open the lunch for you.

Holiday Info
We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Sorry for not much information this week because of my PC broken. I finally took a data from a old PC and transferred to a new one. Thanks, John Willet, my bro.

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